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    The Following Season 2 premiere pics: There's no escaping Joe

    The new photos from The Following Season 2 premiere prove that there's nothing you can do to escape Joe Carroll.
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    The Following recap: "The Final Chapter"

    In true horror movie fashion, the terror never ends. Just when we think Claire and Hardy are safe, we realize the final chapter...
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    The Following season finale spoilers

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    Who will win: Joe Carroll or Ryan Hardy? With Season 2 already confirmed, our guess is neither. But that doesn't mean crazy things...
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    The Following recap: "The End is Near"

    The female characters take the spotlight during this episode. Nothing like a strong woman to get us cheering — or fearing. Parker is...
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    The Following recap: "Havenport"

    Tonight's episode of The Following once again smacked us upside the head with the point that no one is safe. Roderick is dead,...
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    The Following sneak peek: "Havenport"

    Poor Joey is just being used as a pawn left and right by the cult. On this week's episode, Roderick kidnaps Joey when Carroll gets...
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    The Following recap: "The Curse"

    Carroll's having serious writer's block while working on his Hardy manuscript. So much so that he leaves the house to come...
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    The Following sneak peek: "The Curse"

    Claire's threatening Emma. Carroll's threatening Weston. Weston's threatening a follower, and Hardy's drinking.
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    The Following recap: "Whips and Regret"

    Carroll dresses Claire up and asks her to dinner, convinced she will come to love him again. All we need is a rose and a talking...
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    The Following sneak peek: "Whips and Regret"

    Joe and his followers don't just plan on getting Claire back and living happily ever after. They have a deeper plot that involves a...
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    The Following recap: "Guilt"

    Carroll's latest plan to apprehend Claire is successful, and Hardy is convinced he has a death curse. Meanwhile, Jacob develops an...
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    The Following sneak peek: "Guilt"

    Roderick traced a phone call that led the cult to Claire's location. Now the cult is sending two terrorist-types in to retrieve her...
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    The Following recap: "Love Hurts"

    A member of the cult targets women with the same name as Carroll's wife Claire Matthews. Emma and Jacob are together again, though...
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    The Following sneak peek: "Love Hurts"

    Hooking up with Emma wasn't enough to get Carroll to forget his wife, Claire. His rampage to find her will continue with more...
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    The Following recap: Meet Joe's right-hand man

    Not only did The Following finally introduce us to the elusive Roderick, they simultaneously gave us some new eye candy. Wait,...
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    The Following recap: Carroll's grand escape

    Carroll gets another win when he manipulates the system and winds up escaping and reuniting with his son.
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    The Following recap: Shoot out at the farm house

    Things take a turn for the worst for everyone when more followers arrive and ruin the FBI's plan to rescue Hardy and Joey.
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    The Following recap: Caught

    Little Joey gets tired of missing his mother and sneaks a phone call that gives the FBI a major lead.
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    The Following recap: "Mad Love"

    From torture to threesomes, this week's episode just proves that Carroll's followers have some deeply rooted emotional issues.
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    The Following recap: Never killed before

    More followers are set loose to kill Hardy, Jordy snitches, and the truth comes out about the "gay neighbors."