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  1. Music

    10 Moments Seth Rogen was Kim Kardashian in "Bound 3"

    Seth Rogen and Kim Kardashian are clearly the same person in "Bound 3." Watch how Rogen transforms into Kardashian in 10 expert moves.
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Drake and other celeb shirtless selfies shared this week

    The weather may be cooling down, but celebs like Drake heated up the web this week via shirtless selfies.... and some managed to...
  3. Music

    LiLo, Kanye, Franco talk LA in new 30 Seconds to Mars video

    Kanye West, James Franco, Selena Gomez and Lindsay Lohan are just a few of the stars who open up about Los Angeles in 30 Seconds to...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Celebs on scene at LAX tweet reactions to shooting

    Twitter has allowed people to react to tragedies while they are happening, and celebrities are no different. They tweeted the LAX...
  5. Movies

    EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Jason Statham gets emotional in Homefront

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    Jason Statham has turned over a new leaf. In Homefront , he's a family man whose tender nature is tested when his daughter's put in...
  6. Television

    The Mindy Project shocker: Was Dr. L raped?

    Was Franco's Dr. L raped on the latest episode of The Mindy Project ? Some people think so.
  7. Television

    The 16 best quotes from the Roast of James Franco

    Comedy Central's Roast of James Franco aired on Labor Day, featuring a dais consisting of some of our favorite comedians — Andy...
  8. Movies

    2013 New York Film Festival unveils its full slate

    In September, the world's greatest directors will gather at the New York Film Festival. This year's event will have entries from...
  9. Television

    Seth Rogen and Bill Hader will roast James Franco

    James Franco is hot, but he's not roasted... yet.
  10. Movies

    Lovelace movie review: A sexy Raggedy Ann?

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    A lot of us are too young to remember the 1972 porno Deep Throat with the ridiculous premise that a woman’s clitoris was between...
  11. Television

    Where are they now? Samm Levine and Freaks and Geeks cast

    Ever wonder what happened to those adorable nerds on Freaks and Geeks ? Here's what Samm Levine shared exclusively with SheKnows,...
  12. Television

    James Franco to guest star on The Mindy Project

    James Franco is one busy man, but it looks like he is about to get even busier. He was announced as a guest star for multiple...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Comedy Central to roast actor James Franco

    James Franco may be one of the most enigmatic but diverse actors in Hollywood these days. He is a writer, a poet and a performer....
  14. Entertainment

    James Franco and other smart & sexy male celebs

    While we love a good lookin' man, we love a smart man even more. Here's our tribute to the Hollywood catches who boast big biceps...
  15. Entertainment

    QUIZ: Match the celebrity to their impressive degree

    It seems only fair that we be given one exceptional gift, which in the case of celebrities is the ability to act and market...
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    James Franco's feud with Henry Cavill

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    James Franco not only reviewed Man of Steel for Vice magazine, he also dished the dirt on the feud between him and Superman star...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    James Franco is the latest celeb seeking crowd-funding

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    James Franco is the latest actor to join a group of Hollywood filmmakers seeking financing for their movies through crowd-funding...
  18. Movies

    Our fave bromance moments from actors who are BFFs

    This is the End hits theaters tonight, with Pineapple Express stars James Franco, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson...
  19. Movies

    This Is the End movie review: Doomsday laughers

    56 cans of beer. One Milky Way bar. Zero chance of survival. This slack-pack of actors play heightened versions of themselves as...
  20. Movies

    This is the End : Trailer, cast and more

    It's the end of the world and James Franco knows it. He and Seth Rogen strive to survive when Los Angeles goes under. In ,...