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    15 Reasons why New Girl 's Nick is the perfect guy

    Who doesn't love New Girl 's Nick Miller, right? The reasons why Nick is the most perfect guy in the universe are pretty much...
  2. Movies & Reviews

    Drinking Buddies movie review: Tastes great, less filling

    How do you know when you’ve met “the one”? Apparently, you drink a lot of beer with your opposite-sex colleagues and see what...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Anna Kendrick's new role required drinking on set

    Anna Kendrick is always the nice girl, but for her new role, she was required to drink beer. A lot of beer.
  4. Movies & Reviews

    EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Drinking Buddies on awkward breakups

    Drinking Buddies stars Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson as two friends unable to take their relationship to the next level. SheKnows...
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    Man Candy Mondays: Jake Johnson

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    What's sexier than a guy-next-door type — the kind of guy who can sport a gray T-shirt, jeans and stubble, and still look...
  6. Television

    New Girl spoilers: The guys talk about love

    The guys from New Girl told us all about what we can expect from their love lives.
  7. Television

    New Girl sneak peek: After the kiss

    We want something more like this (and so does Jess).
  8. Television

    Ah! New Girl 's Nick and Jess finally kissed

    New Girl fans know the latest episode was downright monumental. Now I'll rehash it for you. Because I can... and I know you want it.
  9. Television

    Olivia Munn says she's done with New Girl …for now

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    SheKnows chats with Olivia Munn about season two of The Newsroom and whether she’s done with New Girl for good.