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    Ireland Baldwin's girlfriend blabs to the press about romance

    Ireland Baldwin's dating status has been confirmed to the media now that her girlfriend Angel Haze blabbed to the press.
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    Ireland Baldwin changes her hair color again — it's turquoise

    Ireland Baldwin isn't only making changes in her romantic life; she's also making some colorful changes to her appearance. Gone is...
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    A purple-haired Ireland Baldwin finds herself newly single

    Not only is Ireland Baldwin sporting a new lilac hairdo, she also has split from her surfer beau Slater Trout. Why is she making all...
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    Kim Basinger is afraid of "selfies"

    Kim Basinger has been hailed as one of the most beautiful actresses around, and she appears to never age. However, she is concerned...
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    Kim Basinger's still got it, signs modeling contract

    Veteran actress Kim Basinger isn't done burning up the screen. She recently signed a modeling contract with one of the nation's...
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    Ireland Baldwin is determined to defend her dad

    Alec Baldwin has once again found himself in hot water for his recent behavior and anti-gay slurs, but he does still have one person...
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    Melanie Griffith and other celebs react to Fifty Shades news

    After learning the big news about who would be playing the main characters in Fifty Shades of Grey , celebs took to Twitter to...
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    It's a girl for Alec Baldwin

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    Hilaria and Alec Baldwin welcomed a baby girl into the family this week, and her big sister, Ireland, has some advice for her already.
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    Kim Basinger convinced Ireland Baldwin to begin modeling

    Ireland Baldwin may have two of the most famous parents in Hollywood, but all it meant for her is that she wanted to get as far away...
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    Ireland Baldwin: "I am not my parents"

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    Ireland Baldwin is defending her famous parents while asserting her independence from their identities.
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    Alec Baldwin's daughter says he's not really a jerk

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    The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger is finally speaking out about her famous parents, the paparazzi, and the real story...
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    Alec Baldwin's medical scare

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    Oscar co-host and Emmy award-winning actor, Alec Baldwin, was taken to a hospital today after his teenage daughter called 911. She...