1. Celebrity Gossip

    Joan Rivers comes back from the dead to pimp iPhone 6

    Joan Rivers' love for new technology knows no earthly ties, as a Facebook post on the dead comedian's page extolling the virtues of...
  2. Makeup

    An iPhone case with makeup built in? Yes, please.

    Every once in a while, a little invention comes along and makes your life infinitely easier. The only problem is when the invention...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Sharon Osbourne trashes U2's Apple promotion

    Sharon Osbourne has made her living off music, and her opinions on what is good and what isn't always seem to come out. This time,...
  4. Music

    Why general outrage over the new U2 album leaves me disappointed in humanity

    U2's new album Songs of Innocence has miraculously appeared in iTunes libraries across the globe and many people are not cool with...
  5. K-12

    Screen time for kids may not be so bad after all

    Not all screen time is killing our kids' brain cells after all. Yay.
  6. K-12

    Kids talk features they would like to see in iPhone 6 (VIDEO)

    If some brilliant technology company hasn't hired all of the children featured in this video they are totally missing out.
  7. Living

    It’s official! Apple launches new iPhone 6

    The Apple rumor mill has been back in full swing. Which of your favorite rumors are now bona fide facts?
  8. Living How-Tos

    One Facebook feature may be hiking up your cellphone bill

    I am a Facebook addict and smartphone user, and now I feel like a sucker. One automatic Facebook feature is known to max out data...
  9. Living

    How to rescue your iPhone's battery life

    Tired of your iPhone battery dying halfway through your day? You may be abusing your battery. But there are a few simple steps you...
  10. Living

    10 Debunked rumors about the new iPhone 6

    If you're anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 6 this fall, there are a few rumored features that just probably won't happen.
  11. Well-being

    The app that lets you text a doctor anytime, anywhere

    A new mobile health service lets you text a doctor for answers on the go.
  12. Living

    4 Sneaky ways Apple guarantees you'll buy its newer products

    There are many people out there who believe that Apple is taking part in planned obsolescence, meaning that it is purposely making...
  13. Living

    Transparent texting can help you text while walking

    How many times have you ran into something, tripped or stumbled while looking down at your phone? Transparent texting could solve...
  14. Living

    18 iPhone cases for your new phone

    Protect and customize your new iPhone with one of these gorgeous cases. From fun to functional, these 18 iPhone cases represent a...
  15. Living

    What to do with your old iPhone

    If you just upgraded to one of those swank new iPhones, you're probably wondering what on earth to do with your old one. Don't let...
  16. Living

    How to trade or sell your way to a new iPhone

    The new iPhones 5c and 5s are a bit expensive, especially if you don't qualify for an upgrade yet. But that doesn't mean you have to...
  17. Living

    Is AppleCare worth the $99 price tag?

    If you're like most of us, you're about to drop a boatload of cash on your new iPhone. Whether you opt for the iPhone 5c, 5s or even...
  18. Living

    Do you really need an iPhone 5s if you upgrade to iOS7?

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    The world is buzzing with Apple's recent announcement of the new iPhone 5s and 5c models. But you might be wondering if the new...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Lucky! Kim Kardashian already has the iPhone 5s

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    Did Kim Kardashian show off her new iPhone 5S on Instagram? It sure looks like it.
  20. Living

    7 Ways the iPhone 5s could be better

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    The iPhone 5s looks like a fab device. And while we can't wait to order our Champagne gold model, we do have a few wish-list items...