ice age: continental drift

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    Wahlberg and Ted take top DVD release

    Animated animals took the lead this week in DVD releases, but the top spot isn't the cute and fuzzy friend you'd probably expect.
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    Exclusive Ice Age: Continental Drift featurette

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    The latest Ice Age release might be subject to sub-zero cold as the gang finds itself adrift on an iceberg, but the DVD is...
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    Bored kids over Labor Day weekend? Watch these movies

    The heat's on for four long days, so why not chill in a cold movie theater? Your kids will love this last summer indulgence before...
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    The Dark Knight Rises nabs box office No. 1 again

    Despite fears there might be a repeat of last week’s shooting, The Dark Knight Rises nabs the number one spot with a promising...
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    Dark Knight Rises breaks records with mega box office No. 1

    Christopher Nolan’s dark interpretation of the Batman series comes to an end with The Dark Knight Rises breaking records for best...
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    Ice Age 4 freezes out Spider-Man for box office No. 1

    The fourth installment in the popular Ice Age series takes out Spidey with its iceberg of laughs for No. 1 this week at the box...
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    Ice Age: Continental Drift movie review: Wise cracks

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    Nicki Minaj, Drake and JLo bring big fun to this frosty franchise as one family struggles to stay together in a Pleistocene...
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    Exclusive: First look at Nicki Minaj in Ice Age: Continental Drift !

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    Nicki Minaj is making her big screen debut... well, sorta. The Pink Barbie is set to lend her voice to Steffie, a woolly mammoth in...
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    Arrrr! Ice Age 4 goes pirate with sing-along

    How does a pirate living in the Ice Age deal with the cold? They sing, apparently -- especially if a band of prehistoric animals...
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    Seann William Scott leaves rehab

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    Seann William Scott has finished his 30-day stint in rehab and is ready to film the next American Pie installment, according to...