1. Living

    Fetus soap: Cool or just plain weird?

    These bars of soap contain disturbingly lifelike fetuses within them, but don’t worry — they are made from goat’s milk, not actual...
  2. Women's Health

    Fecal bacteria and vaginal secretions found in new swimsuits

    Please leave on undergarments when trying on swimwear. We've seen the signs in dressing rooms but according to new research from New...
  3. Children's Health

    Need to know hand-washing facts

    We all know you're supposed to wash your hands, but is anyone really doing it? And what if that soap you're lathering up with is...
  4. Beauty How-Tos

    How to bathe without getting in the shower

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    Do you ever have those busy days where you just don’t have time to shower? Or maybe you just don’t want to shower. Not showering...
  5. Health & Wellness

    Our picks for top-performing men's deodorant

    Choosing the right "stick" for your man can be difficult. Deodorant or antiperspirant, white or clear, musk or spice — the...
  6. Health & Wellness

    The science behind body odor

    Whether we're working out, sleeping or at work, we all sweat. It's our body's way of regulating our temperature and is completely...
  7. Health & Wellness

    10 Tricks to kill and prevent odor causing germs

    Everyone smells less-than-wonderful from time to time. Use these tips to stop body odor in its tracks.
  8. Sex

    Pre- and post-sex rituals to practice

    While female hygiene is important to a woman's physical health, intimacy can be important to a woman's emotional health. Here are...
  9. Well-being

    1 in 5 purses dirtier than toilet

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    One in five handbags contains more bacteria than the average toilet, a study says.
  10. Tips & Advice

    Does your child have groom gloom?

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    Do you ever wonder why your child doesn't want to shower?
  11. School & Education

    How often should your student wash his hands?

    Back to school season means pencil boxes, binders, glue sticks and markers. It can also mean colds, flu, strep, even MRSA. When...
  12. School & Education

    Teaching healthy habits to elementary students

    We love teaching our kids to share, but not when it comes to germs. Review these hygiene habits with your kids to help them avoid...
  13. K-12

    Talking to girls about hygiene and skin care

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    Believe it or not, your tween daughter pays close attention to your beauty and grooming routine. Even if she's too embarrassed to...