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  1. Television

    Hannibal recap: Will is the copycat killer

    Hannibal bonds with Abigail as he misguides Jack to believe that Will Graham is the copycat killer.
  2. Television

    Hannibal recap: Will Graham kill again

    When Gideon escapes, he goes on a murdering rampage to lure the true Chesapeake Ripper out of hiding, but his plan takes a deadly...
  3. Television

    Hannibal recap: Bloody body of work

    Will hunts for a serial killer who attempts to make a unique work of art out of his many victims and winds up growing closer to the...
  4. Television

    Hannibal recap: The sweet sound of death

    Hannibal proves he's bad at making new friends as an instrument maker quickly becomes his newest enemy.
  5. Television

    Hannibal recap: Dr. Lecter the hero?

    Hannibal saves the day when Jack and Will track down an organ thief, but he also does a lot of killing.
  6. Television

    Hannibal recap: The Chesapeake Ripper strikes again

    A murder reopens the case of The Chesapeake Ripper, one of the most violent serial killers Jack and his team have investigated. In...
  7. Television

    Hannibal recap: Death like angels

    Will and Jack hunt a new serial killer who isn't quite as angelic as he should be. And Dr. Lecter learns some personal details about...
  8. Television

    Hannibal recap: Murder runs in the family

    Abigail wakes from her coma and is able to help the FBI find another victim. But, who is the real killer? Is it Garret, Hannibal or...
  9. Entertainment

    Hannibal recap: Bad therapy

    Will Graham struggles with his feelings about killing for the first time and, ironically, goes to Dr. Lecter for some much needed...
  10. Television

    Hannibal recap: Sensitive pyschopath

    NBC's Hannibal started with a flavorful first episode and left us hungry for more. An FBI criminal profiler gets more than he...
  11. Television

    Take a bite out of NBC's Hannibal

    NBC's gruesome new show premieres tonight, and we have all the gory details!
  12. Television

    NBC unleashes a creepy Hannibal trailer

    Hannibal the Cannibal is coming. The infamous character will headline his own series for NBC. The network's released a new trailer...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy welcome first child!

    The actress and her husband welcomed their first child this week, at least a few weeks before he was expected.
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy announce they are expecting

    The My So-Called Life actress is all grown up. She has a TV show, a husband, her second Golden Globe and now the couple will become...