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  1. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to make a juicy brisket for Hanukkah dinner

    One of the most popular and delicious Hanukkah dishes is a nice, juicy brisket. But the daunting truth is that, for as many people...
  2. Fashion & Style

    How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots

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    Don’t own any skinny jeans or just not a straight leg kind of girl? No worries! If you have the know-how, it’s fairly simple to tuck...
  3. Decorating How-tos

    How to make Thanksgiving table decorations

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    The holidays mean two things — family time and decked-out homes. And it seems like every Thanksgiving table is cuter than the last...
  4. Decorating How-tos

    How to decorate your house for Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a warm and inviting time of year. Make sure your guests feel that way when they enter your abode. Try out these...
  5. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to properly store your spices

    Did you know that more than 200 million pounds of spices are consumed annually? Spices are what make our food exotic, savory, and...
  6. Entertaining How-tos

    How to host a spring roll dinner party

    For your next dinner party, get your guests involved. Host a spring roll dinner party and lay out a spread for making spring rolls...
  7. Decorating How-tos

    How to make decorated votive candles

    Want to add votive candles to your wedding? Learn how to make decorative votive candles for any theme.
  8. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to get grilled flavor indoors

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    You don't need to fire up the outdoor grill to get that great barbecued flavor we all love. Grilling in the kitchen gives you...
  9. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to make an easy Italian skewer appetizer

    These simple Italian skewers are healthy, delicious and a cinch to make. Enjoy them with some Italian wine -- and buon appetito !
  10. Decorating How-tos

    How to make a ribbon pinboard

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    A ribbon pinboard is a fantastic addition to any girl's dorm room. It's a functional way to display pictures and notes while adding...
  11. Health & Fitness How-tos

    How to get involved in breast cancer awareness month

    Almost all of us have been affected by breast cancer, or know someone who has, so here are some simple and easy ways to donate, give...
  12. Entertaining How-tos

    How to make cork name card holders

    Looking for a unique and fun way to add a little flare to your next dinner party? Cork name card holders are a cute and easy fix!...
  13. Decorating How-tos

    How to make your own soy candles

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    You’ve been searching everywhere for those heavenly scented soy candles you found in a specialty shop -- but have yet to find them....
  14. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to wake up your gelato

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    In the mood for some Italian? Gelato is the perfect sweet treat, and SheKnows has a simple recipe that’ll give it a "delizioso"...
  15. Home How-tos

    How to sublet your home

    Whether you’re going on vacation for a week or moving to a new place, you may want to consider subletting while you’re gone to...
  16. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to make a roux

    A roux is a mixture of flour and fat, typically equal parts, used to thicken sauces in classical cooking. And it's a recipe...
  17. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to oven-roast your own coffee

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    Do you stand in line at the coffee shop every morning, waiting impatiently for that first hit of caffeine, only to be disappointed...
  18. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to make real food in the dorms

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    College dining halls tend to range from OK to abysmal, and even the best get tiresome quick. Learn how to prepare quick and healthy...
  19. Organizing & Cleaning

    How to clean jewelry at home

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    It's easy to keep your jewelry looking as shiny as the day you got it. Read on to find out how to use common household products to...
  20. Cleaning How-tos

    How to make natural homemade cleaners

    Take a pass on all the harsh chemicals and keep a little extra green in your wallet. Making natural cleaners at home with everyday...