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  1. How-To

    SheKnows 7-day summer selfie Instagram challenge

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    Think you're a selfie pro? If the answer is yes — are you willing to accept the ultimate selfie challenge? SheKnows is putting on...
  2. How-To

    How to take a selfie

    SheKnows is going to teach you how to work the camera and your best angles for all of your selfie moments. It's time to be a little...
  3. Entertaining

    How to build a yogurt bar

    Yogurt bars are the new "must-have" at baby showers, wedding showers and weekend brunches. Learn how to make one here!
  4. Cars

    How to buy a luxury car

    Deciding on a major purchase like buying a new car can be daunting. Where do you begin, especially if you're making the leap to the...
  5. Home How-tos

    How to cool your house naturally

    Despite what most people think, heat is not the enemy, it is just something we like to avoid at all costs — "costs" being the key...
  6. Love & Relationships How-tos

    How to turn your backyard into a wedding venue

    Transform your backyard into the ultimate dream wedding space.
  7. How-To

    How to become an ordained minister

    I bet you thought the day would never come where you would be bonding two people together in holy matrimony. Well, that time has...
  8. How-To

    How to pack for Coachella

    As one of the most anticipated music festivals on the West Coast approaches, many get ready for a weekend (or two) filled with good...
  9. How-To

    How to plan your Coachella schedule

    So, you're planning on going to Coachella, huh? It takes an experienced Coachella-goer to make the most of so much packed into so...
  10. Tech-savvy How-tos

    How to style your technology for spring

    Spring is here! It's time to clean out the old and bring in the new. This season celebrates all things bright, fun and quirky, so...
  11. Style and fashion how-tos

    How to add green to your wardrobe

    You don’t need the luck of the Irish to give you some green flair. From spring-green shoes to emerald-colored accessories, here are...
  12. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to make the perfect spring lemonade

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    Upgrade your usual summer drink staple with a spring twist.
  13. Cooking Tips & Trends

    How to sear scallops like a pro

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    Searing scallops at home is really easy, once you know the secret.
  14. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to make a green smoothie for St. Patrick's Day

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    Looking for a delicious way to get more nutrients for breakfast? This St. Patrick’s Day, start your morning with a fresh green...
  15. Decorating How-tos

    How to brighten up your home for spring

    With spring upon us, we can finally let go of the dark, cold winter months and leave that gloom behind. One way to leave the...
  16. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to eat seasonally for spring

    Intoxicatingly fresh air, green grass, blooming flowers and welcoming sunshine — spring is here. One of the best parts of this...
  17. How-To

    How to find cheap plane tickets

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    Spring is here and the welcome sun and singing birds are inspiring us to board a jet plane and fly somewhere fabulous. That...
  18. Beauty & Style How-tos

    How to get Jennifer Lawrence's look

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    We break down how you can score the A-lister’s signature beauty looks at home.
  19. Love & Relationships How-tos

    How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends

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    Single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t stress. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends, embracing the people who make you happy.
  20. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to make a pink Valentine’s Day cocktail

    Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and there’s nothing we love more than a pretty pink cocktail, especially when it’s a...