house at the end of the street

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    End of Watch takes No. 1 spot at box office

    It was neck-and-neck this weekend at the box office with three new films vying for number one, but the cop drama about LA’s gang...
  2. Movies

    House at the End of the Street movie review: Listen to mom!

    This moody, creepy teen flick will keep you guessing until the dark and bitter end. Jennifer Lawrence proves once again why she’s...
  3. Movies

    Despite controversy, Eastwood may just come out on top

    Despite the interesting month Clint Eastwood has had, his fans may still put his new movie Trouble With the Curve on top this weekend.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Jennifer Lawrence: My mom is like Dina Lohan!

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    Neither Jennifer Lawrence's mom nor Dina Lohan are going to love what the actress had to say to W magazine. Ms. Katniss is not...
  5. Movies

    Jennifer Lawrence creeps out in House at the End of the Street

    In the new exclusive TV ad for The House at the End of the Street, audiences get to see Jennifer Lawrence get spooked out in her new...
  6. Movies

    Jennifer Lawrence shines in House at the End of the Street

    Exclusive images show Jennifer Lawrence in her new horror film House at the End of the Street, starring Max Thieriot and Elisabeth...