1. Home

    Houses on America’s oldest street are more modern than you might think

    Elfreth's Alley, a historic block in Philadelphia, has four houses up for sale and they're all down the street from the Liberty...
  2. Home

    House hunters: What $300K will get you in Miami

    There are few places in the world as vibrant, diverse and, well, cool as Miami. With its world-class restaurants, hot nightlife and...
  3. Home

    What $300K will get you in New York City

    Ready to make the big move to the big city? Find out what $300K can buy you in New York City.
  4. Home

    Rotating house gets 360 degrees of killer views

    The perfect solution for homeowners who itch for a new view comes in the shape of this awesome rotating house. In beautiful...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Move over, Kimye! House star Lisa Edelstein is married!

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West weren't the only celebrities to marry over the weekend. House star Lisa Edelstein and her artist...
  6. Décor & Style

    Celebrities at home: At home with Lynda Carter

    Wonder Woman's house will make you envy her even more. Check out the tour of Lynda Carter's home in this video.
  7. Home

    Celebrities at home: At home with Denise Richards

    Step inside Denise Richards' spunky home by watching the video of the exclusive house tour.
  8. Music

    Hugh Laurie's in the house with second album Didn't It Rain

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    Dr. Gregory House, M.D., may have "retired," but Hugh Laurie's not slowing down. His sophomore album, Didn't It Rain , just debuted...
  9. Television

    Private Practice and other finales we cried over

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    With 30 Rock 's swan song set to air tomorrow night, we can't help but feel emotional about some of the great shows we've had to...
  10. Home How-Tos

    How to decorate your house for New Year's Eve

    New Year’s Eve is the last chance during the holiday season to celebrate the past year. Learn how to decorate your house...
  11. Home How-Tos

    How to sublet your home

    Whether you’re going on vacation for a week or moving to a new place, you may want to consider subletting while you’re...
  12. Television

    House finale pulls the old bait and switch

    After eight seasons, House has checked out. But the drama put viewers through the ringer one last time before saying goodbye. The...
  13. Television

    Guess who's checking back in for House 's finale?

    The (almost) impossible has happened. Jennifer Morrison is returning to Fox to say goodbye to Dr. Gregory House. The actress is the...
  14. Television

    Save the date! House series finale set for May 21!

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    It's a sad day for those of us who were holding out hope that House would change its series finale plans. Keep reading to find out...
  15. Television

    The door shuts on House

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    The eighth season will be the last for hit TV show House , producers announced today. What will we do without our weekly fix of Dr....
  16. Television

    Cleaning House : Hugh Laurie on the series' end

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    House star Hugh Laurie says that, after eight seasons, his show may be nearing its final season.
  17. Organizing

    Keeping things clean for drop-in guests

    The doorbell rings, and you realize it’s not a delivery person, but a friend or family member. With a critical eye, you glance...
  18. Entertainment

    Once Upon a Time vs Grimm : What's the diff?

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    The team behind Lost and Felicity gives fairy tales a modern makeover on ABC's Once Upon a Time , premiering tonight. Then on...
  19. Television

    Olivia Wilde says goodbye to House

    Olivia Wilde is bringing Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley back to House . The actress reprises her role in the latest episode of the...
  20. Television

    House season eight preview: Is House sorry?

    House is returning Oct. 3 and boy is he crankier than ever!