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  1. Television

    Meet Guardians of the Galaxy 's Peter Serafinowicz: We wanna do things to him

    Last night we were watching @Midnight when we spotted a brand-new crush. The third dude at the podiums was the seriously cute and...
  2. Pets & Animals

    Hot guys with cats — two obsessions in one

    Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, it is your lucky day. Today we combine all of your loves, all of your hopes and dreams, all of...
  3. Dogs

    Hot guys and puppies, just because

    Stop everything. We've found 11 of the hottest guys on the internet, and as a special bonus to you, they all love dogs. We will...
  4. Sex

    Science proves that athletes are sexier

    Drooling over Winter Olympics hotties the last few days?
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Men in uniform: Hottest crime-fighting celebs

    Heat up your summer with these crime-fighting hunks. Men in uniform never looked so good.
  6. Television

    Chicago Fire 's 5 smokin' firefighters

    Chicago Fire has a lot to love. There are awesome fires, intense drama, goofball pranks, and hotties galore. Since it's television,...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    5 Hot actors speaking French

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    A video of Bradley Cooper speaking fluent French while promoting The Hangover Part II sparked a flurry of internet buzz from women...