hot dog recipes

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    QUIZ: What hot dog topping are you?

    Come on, we know you're dying to know if you're more of a ketchup or a sweet relish.
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    3 Hot dog topping recipes

    Why just top your hot dog with the ordinary toppings when you can have something extraordinary in a matter of minutes? These three...
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    Hot dogs go gourmet

    Sure, sometimes all you crave is a classic beef hot dog on a soft bun. But there are times when those hot dogs just won't cut it....
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    Chili cheese dog bites you need for your tailgate

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    Don't forget to invite these mini chili cheese dogs to your Super Bowl party. They'll be the life of the party.
  5. Cooking & Entertaining

    Hot dog, that's a tasty groundhog!

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    Who cares if there's more winter ahead when you've got these adorable groundhog hot dogs on your plate?
  6. Cooking & Entertaining

    Cheesy bacon-wrapped hot dogs

    Hot dogs with personality!
  7. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Mini mummies

    Kids will love this traditional food served up in a fun Halloween style!
  8. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Mini corn dog muffins recipe

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    Corn dogs turned muffins! Here we take the classic idea of a corn dog and turn it into a simple bite-sized version. In this recipe...
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    Tonight's Dinner: Barbecue crunch dogs recipe

    Hot dogs are the perfect answer for a weekend cookout. But instead of grilling them up and smothering them in ketchup and mustard,...
  10. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tonight's Dinner: Lime beer-braised salsa dogs recipe

    Hot dogs on the grill are a delicious summertime treat. But instead of ketchup and mustard, why not cover them in some homemade salsa?
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    Tonight's Dinner: Mexican Hot Dogs

    When most people eat hot dogs, they have them on buns with a variety of condiments on top. But what if instead of buns you served...
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    Easy recipes with hot dogs

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    Our easy recipes with hot dogs are sure to be a hit at your game day party. These fan-favorite party foods will be popular with...
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    Creative hot dog toppings

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    Hot dogs are a popular summer BBQ item. But this summer, instead of the same old boring toppings, prepare a fun hot dog bar with all...