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    JWoww on Jersey Shore Massacre : "[It] reminds me of my roommates, only they all get killed"

    Best known for playing her Guidette-self in the reality show Jersey Shore , Jenni Farley steps into two new roles as mom and movie...
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    Ashley Rickards talks paranormal activity, shares super-scary ghost encounter

    We love Ashley Rickards from MTV's Awkward . Now, she's starring in a paranormally awkward new horror movie called At the Devil's...
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    INTERVIEW: Lydia Hearst on getting bludgeoned by a sex toy

    Meet Lydia Hearst, an actress whose foray into the horror genre has gotten her decapitated, stabbed, strangled, thrown from a moving...
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    EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Haunter is horror with a twist

    We can do an awful lot on our digital devices, but who knew communicating with ghosts was one of them? This existential haunted...
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    You're Next movie review: How to kill with a blender

    This home invasion slasher flick offers one crafty, kick-a** heroine and a family so messed up, you'll enjoy watching them get...
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    INTERVIEW: 6 Things you didn't know about You're Next star Sharni Vinson

    Sharni Vinson stars in the new horror flick You’re Next , but you may be asking yourself, who’s Sharni Vinson? SheKnows gets...
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    The Conjuring movie review: Got demons?

    Menacing doll: check. Sinister antique music box: check. House built in the 1700s: check. Creepy walled off cellar: check. Five...
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    Evil Dead leaves bloodstains at the box office

    Despite getting mixed reviews, the remake of Sam Raimi's classic horror film The Evil Dead won top position this weekend, letting...
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    Evil Dead movie review: Demonic intervention

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    What happens when a heroin addict decides to detox in a cabin that’s possessed with some pretty angry demons? Let’s just say it’s so...
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    Jessica Chastain holds the #1 and #2 spot at the box office!

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    This week, actress Jessica Chastain battles herself for alpha movie star at the box office. Is it just good luck, or does this...
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    Top 5 scariest horror movie killers

    There have been lots of baddies in Hollywood horror movies -- here's our Top 5.