1. Sex Tips & Seduction Secrets

    Halloween hookups: Costumes men and women find attractive

    Ever wanted to know what people really think of your Halloween costume? Or whether or not what you're wearing increases your chances...
  2. Dating Dos & Don'ts

    Best things he can do on the morning after

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    You meet a cute guy, you go back to his place (or bring him back to yours), and things are good. But that’s just half the battle....
  3. Dating

    How to turn a hookup into the real thing

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    If your latest hookup has you dreaming of long-term love, there are some ways to turn him into a keeper. It’s not always easy to go...
  4. Breakups

    How to end the non-relationship

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    How do you break up with someone you're not actually with? Read on for advice on ending a non-relationship.
  5. Single Girls' Guide

    6 Types of guys you should hook up with this summer

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    Summer was made for man sampling! With clothing often optional, longer days leading to more opportunities for fun and alcohol more...
  6. Dating Tips

    One-night stands: Is it ever worth it?

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    The one-night stand: Lust's oldest, most alluring, most debated and most misunderstood sin. That's why we love them so! Whether...