1. Living

    SheKnows gives mother and son new hope

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    It was love at first sight when SheKnows met Michelle Campuzano an her son David, who were in desperate need of a home makeover. We...
  2. Living

    SheKnows provides remodel for spinal cancer victim

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    SheKnows is proud to share the inspirational story surrounding the Bundy family, and the efforts from numerous experts and...
  3. SheKnows TV: Homergency

    Meet the Campuzanos

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    In season 3 of Homergency, SheKnows TV has chosen to give the Campuzano family an extreme home facelift through out their entire...
  4. SheKnows TV: Homergency

    Types of countertops

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    Countertops are expected to look great day in and day out for a decade or more, and remain fashion forward enough to appeal to...
  5. Letter from the Editor

    What's new on SheKnows TV

    Have you seen SheKnows TV recently? We've had a lot going on over here as we worked to bring you our newest SheKnows shows. Browse a...
  6. SheKnows TV: Homergency

    HomErgency: Meet the Norton family

    In SheKnows TV's HomErgency, a team of fabulous designers and contractors gave the Norton family home a makeover. Let's meet the...
  7. SheKnows TV: Homergency

    HomErgency: Meet the designers Tracy Metro and Christy Narsi

    In HomErgency at SheKnows TV, a fantastic team of contractors helped one family transform their entire house. Learn more about the...
  8. SheKnows TV: Homergency

    Best paints to use for bedrooms

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    The bedroom is a safe haven; it shields us from the stressful forces of the outside world; and, it is a reflection of who we are. To...