homemade holiday issue

  1. Entertainment

    PHOTOS: Scandalous celebrities who pose nude for the holidays

    When it comes to dressing up for the holidays, less is apparently more for some stars — think more birthday suit than Santa suit....
  2. Entertainment

    PHOTOS: How celebrities decorate their homes for the holidays

    When it comes to celebrities, you'd think mere boughs of holly just wouldn't do when decking their halls. But surprisingly, many...
  3. Movies & Reviews

    15 Family traditions from films that are way more embarrassing than yours

    The holidays herald many wonderful things, like cheer and eggnog, but they also generally include at least one dreaded family...
  4. Entertainment

    QUIZ: How well do you know A Christmas Story ?

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    Christmas simply wouldn't be complete without watching A Christmas Story at least once. For us, though, this holiday classic gets...
  5. Music

    Christmas songs written by Jewish songwriters

    Christmas just wouldn't be the same without the classic Christmas music that serves as a soundtrack for holiday memories. Here are...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    9 Funny celeb Elf on the Shelf memes

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    We've taken one of our favorite holiday traditions, the Elf on the Shelf, and kicked things up a notch. Because who doesn't want...
  7. Entertainment

    15 (shirtless) men we want Santa to put under the tree

    Have you been naughty or nice this year? If you've been super-good, maybe Santa will put one of these shirtless hunks under your...
  8. Winter Recipes

    Hot cocoa mix ornaments

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    Looking for a fun Christmas craft? Fill a large ornament ball with all the fixings for the perfect glass of hot cocoa.
  9. Entertainment

    10 Celebrities who are trying to ruin Christmas

    If there is one thing we need to get straight, it's that being a celebrity does not give you license to make bad Christmas music,...
  10. Christmas

    The Homemade Holiday Issue

    The best part about the holiday season is those little homemade touches. It's the cookies baked by clumsy, eager little hands. It's...
  11. Beauty & Style

    20 DIY beauty recipes for at-home pampering

    We'll provide the recipes, and you set aside the time! Instead of buying your beauty products (although we love those too) whip...
  12. Beauty & Style

    DIY: Add a faux necklace to revive an old sweater

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    Jewels on sweaters are trending hard right now. Everywhere you look, there is some kind of embellishment draped gracefully across a...
  13. Beauty & Style

    DIY holiday sweater with sequin stripes

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    A black and white stripe is a classic print for any time of the year. Make it more glam for the holidays with sequins.
  14. Entertainment

    If these naughty celebs had Christmas cards, this is what they'd look like

    The holidays are upon us! For many of us, that means sending loved ones greeting cards filled with cheer. Since we likely won't be...
  15. Winter Recipes

    Ice skating penguin cookies

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    There will be plenty of smiles at your next winter wonderland party when you present a platter of playful, ice skating penguin cookies.
  16. Winter Recipes

    Santa sippers

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    Get in the Christmas spirit with a Santa sipper. Your holiday drinks have never looked so festive!
  17. Winter Recipes

    Naughty or nice stocking cakes

    Santa Claus is coming to town soon… have you been naughty or nice this year? Find out when you break into your Christmas stocking cake.
  18. Home

    Stealing Christmas: Recreate holiday mantel displays

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    Create the perfect Christmas mantel with these inspirations from home bloggers. You're sure to find the best fit for your style.
  19. Winter Recipes

    Santa's new thing: The cookie plate cake

    Growing up, one of our favorite holiday traditions was leaving cookies for Santa on a brightly colored plate on Christmas Eve. To...
  20. Parenting

    25 Hilarious ways to pose your Elf on the Shelf

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    It's hard to believe, but it's time to bring out your Elf on the Shelf again! We can't seem to get enough of that crazy guy and his...