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  1. Décor & Style

    How to decorate with antlers and still be animal-friendly

    The antler trend isn't going anywhere soon. For those of you who love animals more than you love decor, here are a few faux...
  2. Organizing

    10 Home accessories that hide things from bandits

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    Looking for secret spots to hide your treasures? We've handpicked 10 perfect accessories for your home that look chic and are...
  3. Décor & Style

    Creative home decor ideas we love

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    Does your home need a space-lift? Exchanging home accessories is a budget-friendly way to breathe new life into any space. We've got...
  4. Décor & Style

    Etsy roundup: Unique decorative pieces

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    Etsy is an online marketplace where hundreds of thousands of creative people from more than 150 countries sell their handmade crafty...
  5. Shopping for the Home

    Tips for purchasing gifts for the home

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    Unless you’re a design pro, shopping for home gifts can be an overwhelming experience, especially when shopping for someone else....
  6. Travel

    Travel by design: New York City

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    New York, New York what a wonderful town! I feel lucky that I live in one of the most exciting cities in the world. New York City is...