1. Décor & Style

    Disturbing examples of taxidermy gone wrong

    How are you today? Doing well? Don't worry, this bad taxidermy will ruin any sort of good day you were having.
  2. Décor & Style

    10 New ways to be trendy at home

    Tired of the chevron and chalkboard paint? Give your space a new look with one of these emerging trends. They're sure to give you...
  3. Décor & Style

    Renee Zellweger is selling her gorgeous country home

    Can you say "dream home"? Renee Zellweger has listed her ah-mazing Connecticut farmhouse for the second time since purchasing it in...
  4. Home

    Atlanta, or Chicago? These pads are perfect for the new Bachelorette couple

    We teamed up with Trulia.com to help Andi pick her new post-bachelorette home with her permanent love interest. Whether she chooses...
  5. Décor & Style

    Experts weigh in: 15 Things that would tidy up this bedroom

    We asked readers to send in pictures of their bedrooms for a chance to receive some expert advice. This pretty, but basic, bedroom...
  6. Home

    Disgusting bug infestations you hope never happen to you

    Summer is the time for barbecues and visitors. Unfortunately, not all visitors are welcome. Here are some of the most disgusting...
  7. Organizing

    Keep your teen organized with these products

    Let's be honest. It's tough staying organized sometimes, and it's even tougher for teens. They've got so much going on — activities,...
  8. Home Improvement

    10 Helpful tips for repainting furniture

    Sure, we can all run out and buy new furniture when our current pieces get old and tired, but why not breathe new life into them...
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    What $300K will get you in New York City

    Ready to make the big move to the big city? Find out what $300K can buy you in New York City.
  10. Organizing

    17 Insanely organized closets to inspire you

    If you're in cleaning mode, why not tackle a closet or two? From bedroom closets to linen closets, here are a few inspirations to...
  11. Home

    Weird superstitions about your home that will creep you out

    Superstitious? These weird superstitions about home, sweet home might just be too creepy to read.
  12. Home Improvement

    10 Tiny condos jam-packed with style

    These teeny, chic condos prove that bigger isn't always better.
  13. Home Improvement

    This old home got a new chance at life

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    Marilyn Stern stalked an 11-foot house in Georgetown for a whole decade for one reason: she just wanted it so much. Stern did...
  14. Home Improvement

    Homestretch: Living Room makeover, Episode 3

    The families and designers get their hands dirty on Day 1 of this living room makeover.
  15. Home Improvement

    Homestretch: Living Room makeover

    SheKnows' experts Dani Fiori and Sarah Fogle give two lucky families a living room makeover.
  16. Décor & Style

    Design Dilemma: I have wood furniture, how should I paint my room?

    We asked interior designer Ashley Phipps from Simply Designing — what paint colors should I use to complement wood furniture?
  17. Home Improvement

    Worst home renovations when selling your home

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    One of the best things about owning your own home is that you are free to make renovations or additions that suit your style. The...
  18. Home Safety

    Could your electrical outlet set your home on fire?

    It's probably no secret that your outlet is capable of causing a fire, but the dangers may be higher than you think, especially if...
  19. Home

    Can buying a house that's haunted save you money?

    That house in the perfect neighborhood is said to be haunted, but you ain't afraid of no ghost. And then you wonder… could you save...
  20. Décor & Style

    Video: Boston-area antique shop offers unique finds

    Lifestyle blogger Georgina visits The Barn at 17, a wonderful antique shop that offers some amazing, high-quality merchandise.