1. Christmas

    Bloggers share their favorite holiday traditions

    Christmas is all about traditions. These bloggers let us in on some of their favorites.
  2. Bargains, Savings & Shopping Tips

    17 Homemade gifts for teacher

    Homemade gifts that come from the heart are teachers' favorite kinds. These bloggers inspire us to DIY some smart handmade gifts...
  3. SheKnows TV: SheKnows HomeStretch

    Meet the Olivers

    The Olivers are a family of four looking to liven up their living space.
  4. Dating

    Holidays with your new guy don't have to be awkward

    If you're coming off a divorce and this is your first holiday season single, it can be an incredibly challenging time. If you've got...
  5. Thanksgiving

    How Hollywood celebrates the holidays

    Think that celebrities go over the top when celebrating the holidays? Think again! Per their Pinterest boards, celebs are just like...
  6. Marriage & Relationships

    How real couples divide up family time on holidays

    Figuring out where to go for the holidays was a no brainer when it was just you. But now that you have a significant other to...
  7. Pet Travel

    Holiday pet boarding dos and don'ts

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    Whether you’re traveling this holiday season and have to leave your pet behind or just need to board your pet during the hectic...
  8. Christmas Gifts

    25 Great Hanukkah finds on Etsy

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    Celebrate Hanukkah Etsy style this year with our complete guide to the 25 best Hanukkah finds on Etsy. From traditional Hanukkah...
  9. Baking

    Why your holiday pies suck

    If you're unhappy with the quality of your pies, we've got holiday baking tips for you. We'll give you the lowdown on making the...
  10. Kitchen & dining

    Celeb cookbooks for your favorite chef

    Martha Stewart, Andrew Zimmern, Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and your loved one all have something in common: they love...
  11. Activities for Kids

    Veterans Day facts and trivia for kids

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    Before you let your youngster write off Veterans Day as no more than just another day off from school, help them learn about...
  12. Activities for Kids

    Labor Day facts and trivia for kids

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    Even if your kids are a few years away from their first jobs, these Labor Day facts and trivia for kids will teach your youngsters...
  13. Party Planning

    National Pie Day and 17 others we wish were real holidays

    Imagine having an entire day to celebrate your hairstyle, chocolate or pies. Here are 18 holidays we wish we had time off from work...
  14. Adult Parties

    8 American holidays you may have forgotten

    Though it's easy to remember Christmas, Thanksgiving and Labor Day every year, did you know that there is a special day set aside to...
  15. Adventure Travel

    8 Cheap July 4 destinations

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    July 4 is around the corner! Maybe you're thinking to yourself, "I'm getting pretty tired of the same, old backyard barbecue...
  16. Birthdays & Celebrations

    17 Phrases that are truly American

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    Do you ever wonder where popular phrases like "break a leg" or "jump the gun" came from? Here are 17 other phrases that originated...
  17. Holidays & Seasons

    13 Things you never knew about Independence Day

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    We all love to celebrate Independence Day, but what really led up to all of our picnics, fireworks and concerts? Here's how it all...
  18. Adult Parties

    American holidays: Where'd they come from?

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    Enjoying a big Thanksgiving feast, exchanging gifts on Christmas or buying sweets for your sweetie on Valentine's Day have all...
  19. Living

    April: Fun events to celebrate

    Lighten up and celebrate these unique holidays in April. Start new traditions by celebrating with a fun group of friends.
  20. Couple Time & Romance

    He's Jewish, I'm Christian: How we handle the holidays

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    As if love wasn't hard enough, throwing two different religions into the mix can get complicated for some families. However, like...