holiday recipes

  1. Healthy Recipes

    Gluten-free Christmas treats

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    If your family is gluten-free or you’re entertaining for friends who avoid wheat, put these gluten-free Christmas recipes on your...
  2. Cooking & Entertaining

    Microwave-friendly party snacks for the holidays

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    Office parties, cookie exchanges and family get-togethers mean that you spend a lot more time in the kitchen around the holidays....
  3. Drink Recipes

    Festive cocktail recipes for the holidays

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    Get ready for a season filled with clinging glasses and parties that go late into the evening. A few holiday cocktails make any...
  4. Dessert Recipes

    Pecan pinwheel cookies

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    There's nothing like a decadent slice of pecan pie after you've filled up on protein, carbs and mashed potatoes. Each slice of...
  5. Dessert Recipes

    Easy homemade pie crust recipe

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    Impress your guests and have better tasting pies by making your own pie crusts. Creating your own pie crust is simple and the taste...
  6. Cooking & Entertaining

    Skip the stuffing! 5 Savory sides for a fun Friendsgiving

    Whether you're having a quiet holiday dinner at home or taking a dish to a potluck, you'll love these quick, updated side dishes.
  7. Family Fun

    How to make melting snowman treats

    All good things must come to an end, and that includes snowmen. Don’t cry over the snowman’s demise, though. Turn it into a laugh...
  8. Family Fun

    How to make popcorn snowballs

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    You don’t have to wait for a blizzard to make snowballs. Cook these up in your kitchen for a delicious treat your whole family will...
  9. Cooking & Entertaining

    Fun ways to decorate a haunted gingerbread house

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    One of the biggest trends this Halloween isn't in the costume department or on your front lawn. In fact, the hottest thing to do on...
  10. Healthy Recipes

    Baked Summer Peaches

    When the craving for fresh summer peach pie arises but the last thing you want to do is make pie pastry, satisfy your vegan sweet...
  11. Healthy Recipes

    Vanilla Jalapeno Cocktail

    If you're thinking of taking your vegan diet to the next level -- raw foodism -- Ani Phyo's third raw food cookbook Ani's Raw Food...
  12. Healthy Recipes

    Nutty Oat and Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Need a crowd-pleasing vegan dessert for your summer holidays? Bake a few extra batches of these vegan cookies and keep them in your...
  13. Healthy Recipes

    Red White and Blue Muffins

    Loaded with berry goodness, these scumptious vegan muffins also deliciously surprise with vegan white chocolate chips. Just in time...
  14. Healthy Recipes

    Vegan Adults-Only Jello Shots

    If you're looking for a fun vegan alternative to cocktails or those gelatin shots that are ever so popular at graduation...
  15. Healthy Recipes

    Gluten-Free Mocha Tofu Apricot Teff Pie

    Who knew a gluten-free grain tinier than a poppyseed would be power-packed with nutrition? According to The Teff Company, growers of...
  16. Healthy Recipes

    Vegan Memorial Day recipes

    The first warm weather holiday, Memorial Day just isn't Memorial Day without a delicious grilled meal served under the sun. And...
  17. Healthy Recipes

    Grilled Red Beet Salad

    Toss together grilled beets, red onion, toasted almonds, and greens, and you've got a festive vegan salad that lends both eye appeal...
  18. Healthy Recipes

    Grilled Banana Pudding

    Grilled bananas are smoky sweet and can be eaten right off the grill as a great-tasting vegan dessert, or they can be transformed...
  19. Healthy Recipes

    Grilled Sweet Potato Salad

    Tender, smoky grilled sweet potatoes turn an ordinary vegan potato salad into a fast favorite for summer celebrations.
  20. Healthy Recipes

    Strawberry Yogurt Tarts

    Cultured coconut milk (coconut yogurt) and fresh strawberries partner deliciously with rounds of flaky puff pastry. These easy vegan...