holiday plants

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    Christmas Plant Significance

    Around the holiday season, there are several plants that we only see this time of year. Poinsettia, mistletoe, holly... We think of...
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    Mistletoe Woes

    Mistletoe is a welcome sight at the holidays, especially when it's hanging over the head of someone you'd like to kiss. While it's...
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    Poinsettia Pointers

    Poinsettias are waiting for you to bring them home everywhere you go this holiday season. From the grocery store to the department...
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    Roses and Valentine's Day

    There's no debate that roses are beautiful flowers, perhaps some of the most beautiful one can find. For many years, bouquets of...
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    Amaryllis Care

    The beautiful, bright blooms of an amaryllis are a welcome sight during the cold, dark days of winter. This cheery holiday plant...
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    Last-Minute Gift: Fresh Flowers

    Fresh floral bouquets are always in season, and make a perfect last-minute gift idea for anyone on your list. The major florists can...
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    Recycling Christmas Trees

    After the holidays are over, what should you do with your Christmas tree?
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    Miniature Christmas Trees

    Why stop with only one Christmas tree? Small, live, potted Christmas trees are a beautiful and natural way to decorate for the...
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    Caring for a Christmas Cactus

    The Christmas cactus could very well be the second most popular houseplant of the holiday season, taking a backseat only to the...
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    Are Poinsettias Poisonous?

    A recent national poll shows that half the population believes poinsettias are poisonous. Over the course of many holiday seasons,...
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    Gifts for the Gardener

    Like many hobbyists, a gardener can never have too many gadgets. Since gardening is a physical activity, any product that makes work...
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    How to pick a Christmas tree

    December is upon us and it is time to start thinking about that fresh Christmas tree you want to pick up for the holidays. Real...
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    Live Christmas Trees

    A live Christmas tree is a beautiful symbol of the life and joy of the holiday season. This year, consider bringing home a live tree