1. Beauty & Style

    DIY edible candy bra

    A Valentine's Day-themed candy bra is a sweet way to spice things up! Make this custom all-pink bra to help celebrate the day.
  2. Food & Recipes

    6 Sweet edible Valentine's Day crafts

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    Looking for a fantastic gift for your significant other, but don't have a ton of extra cash? Or would you rather spend the money on...
  3. Holidays & Seasons

    Scrumptious treats to steal your heart

    Are you ready for the most romantic holiday of the year? Check out these 12 treats you can make for yourself and your sweetie.
  4. Travel

    The biggest MLK Day events in the U.S.

    Celebrate the iconic civil rights leader's 85th birthday at one of these five Martin Luther King Jr. Day events across the country.
  5. Couple Time & Romance

    Sexy holiday e-cards your can send him

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    Giving your loved one a card is arguably the most sentimental part of any gift. Being able to have that perfect personalized message...
  6. Holidays & Seasons

    Top 10 hilarious holiday pranks

    We all like a good laugh to lighten up the stressful holiday season. These holiday-themed pranks are so clever, they'll leave you...
  7. Decor & Themes

    Throw a tree-decorating party

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    Traditional Christmas tree decor is so... bah, humbug! Make your Christmas tree unique this year by hosting a trim-a-tree party,...
  8. Dating

    12 Dates of Christmas

    Christmas is less than a month away! Spend some quality time with your man this year by planning “12 dates of Christmas.” We’ve got...
  9. Stress

    Breathing techniques that reduce stress in five minutes or less

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    The holiday season, while jolly and merry, often can evoke stress and anxiety. A key habit for preventing and managing stress is to...
  10. Christmas Holiday Tips

    How to make your Christmas tree last

    Nothing invokes Christmas cheer like the fragrance and beauty of a natural Christmas tree — until it turns brown and litters your...
  11. Beauty & Style

    DIY: Add a faux necklace to revive an old sweater

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    Jewels on sweaters are trending hard right now. Everywhere you look, there is some kind of embellishment draped gracefully across a...
  12. Beauty & Style

    DIY holiday sweater with sequin stripes

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    A black and white stripe is a classic print for any time of the year. Make it more glam for the holidays with sequins.
  13. Living

    Gorgeous stationery options for holiday cards

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    A heartfelt holiday greeting is even more meaningful when it comes written on a beautiful card. We’ve rounded up some of the most...
  14. Beauty & Style

    DIY: Add chevron ribbon detail to a simple sweater

    Give a plain sweater an unexpected edge with ribbon-embellished chevron arms. Go pink and girly, black and edgy or red and...
  15. Christmas Recipes

    6 Holiday menu options made simple

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    The holidays are a wonderful time of year, with spending time with loved ones and what seems like never-ending shopping. But the...
  16. Christmas

    Kid-friendly crafts for Kwanzaa

    Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us. Whether you want to keep your kids busy, want to have a fun way to educate...
  17. Holidays & Seasons

    Etsy roundup: Inviting holiday wreaths

    Invite your guests in for warm holiday memories with the use of one of these fabulous handcrafted wreaths from Etsy! Guaranteed to...
  18. Christmas

    Know your stuff: Celebrating Kwanzaa

    It's easy during the holiday season to get wrapped up in thoughts of Santa Claus and red and green decorations. However, it is...
  19. Thanksgiving

    10 Ways to instantly boost your confidence

    Everyone wants to feel their best during Thanksgiving, but it's no secret the holidays can be a stressful time. If your self-esteem...
  20. Thanksgiving

    15 Reasons to be confident this Thanksgiving

    Between dodging questions about your love life and trying to plate food portions that won't have you looking like a float in Macy's...