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    INTERVIEW: Kristen Connolly on the romance of Houdini

    This Labor Day, the History Channel presents Houdini , a miniseries about the renowned magician. SheKnows spoke exclusively with...
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    SPOILERS: Vikings cast spills Season 2 drama

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    We chatted with Vikings ' Travis Fimmel, George Blagden and Alyssa Sutherland to get the dirt on Season 2. And trust us, there's a...
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    History renews Vikings for a glory-filled Season 2

    Vikings has carved out its place on cable television. On Friday, the History Channel announced there are battle stories to come....
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    Exclusive Vikings clip: Challenge accepted

    On the upcoming episode of Vikings, Ragnar challenges the Earl and they go head-to-head. We've got an exclusive preview of the...
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    Roma Downey talks finding Jesus for History's The Bible

    The actress and her husband took on a giant task with The Bible , but it turns out the hardest part all was finding one important...
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    Weekend watch: History's Vikings

    Prepare for lots of "Arrrrrghs" and "Braaaaghs"! Vikings is nothing if not violent.
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    NBC's Hatfields & McCoys -esque drama on the way

    NBC plots a new, modern Hatfield-McCoy drama written by Charlize Theron. Interesting fact: It has the same name as the History...
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    Katie Holmes playing Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

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    Katie Holmes in her own right has a Cinderella tale. Girl with all American looks gets the gig on a famous teen drama, eventually...