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    James Franco's feud with Henry Cavill

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    James Franco not only reviewed Man of Steel for Vice magazine, he also dished the dirt on the feud between him and Superman star...
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    Man Candy Mondays: Henry Cavill

    How did British actor Henry Cavill land one of the biggest roles in American pop culture by playing Superman in Man of Steel ?...
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    Man of Steel : Jonah Hill and other unlikely men of steel

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    The Superman reboot is here just in time for summer, which got us thinking about the less in-your-face, less cape-wearing men of...
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    Henry Cavill: Get to know the new Man of Steel

    From Christopher Reeve to Tom Welling, several actors have slipped on the iconic blue spandex and red cape combo to play Superman....
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    Man of Steel movie review: Henry Cavill "steels" our hearts

    That’s right ladies, British actor Henry Cavill is so darn hot, you won’t notice the movie’s story flaws or flimsy premise. With...
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    Battle of the flicks: Man of Steel vs. This Is the End

    A new genre of horror-comedy faces a challenging weekend at the box office as it goes against a beloved American superhero. Should...
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    LeAnn Rimes: Highlights from cringe-worthy interviews

    It can’t be easy being on television every day of the week, trying to think of interesting things to ask celebrities you don’t know...
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    Watch Man of Steel's live premiere right now

    New York City is giving Man of Steel a warm welcome. This evening, the city hosts the premiere of the superhero blockbuster. You...
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    Man of Steel : Trailer, cast and more

    Superman gets a makeover in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel . In this revamped origin story, actor Henry Cavill gives an earnest...
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    Before Superman, Henry Cavill was "Fat Cavill"

    Man of Steel star Henry Cavill isn't perfect. It might be hard to believe, but the British hunk used to be overweight. The actor...
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    Top 10 heartthrobs of this summer's blockbusters

    Ladies, it’s going to be a scorcher this summer, and we’re not talking about the temp outside. We’re talking about the temp inside...
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    Actor Henry Cavill's "so Supermanish it's crazy!"

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    The new Superman is upon us. This summer, Henry Cavill suits up as the Man of Steel. Director Zack Snyder reveals the telling moment...
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    New Man of Steel trailer debuts

    The perfect appetizer for blockbuster season has arrived!
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    Geek fantasy realized: Is Superman dating Wonder Woman?

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    It's every nerd's dream come true: Superman and Wonder Woman (appear to be) dating.
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    10 Predictions for male celebs who we'll ooh and aah over in 2013

    We have our tried and true celeb crushes (hello, Ryan Gosling), but we’re always willing to branch out and see what other cuties are...
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    2013 Critics' Choice Awards; Ben & Bradley’s bromance

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    SheKnows Correspondent Whitney English grabs a seat at the 2013 Critics' Choice Awards, sponsored by Evian, to give you a behind the...
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    Man of Steel trailer: First glimpse of Zod!

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    Do you want more Man of Steel ? A new trailer's hit the net and it features Superman and his archenemy General Zod. There's also a...
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    The Cold Light of Day movie review: Hunky Henry warms up

    Remember hottie Henry Cavill from The Tudors ? He’s back staring in this action flick set in Spain that will no doubt leave you...
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    Hot trailer: Man of Steel is the new Superman

    This first look at the new Superman movie, Man of Steel , shows the rise to power from a hunky Henry Cavill.
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    Can Henry Cavill save Bruce Willis...?

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    When hot Henry Cavill goes on vacation with his parents in The Cold Light of Day and finds them kidnapped, he’s tasked with saving...