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  1. Living

    Sunshiny reasons to be glad it's summer, according to science

    Subjective opinions are in, and it turns out that summer completely rocks. But why? Here are seven scientific reasons why summer is...
  2. Women's Health

    7 Supplements your body is craving

    It's impossible to reach the top of your game if you're constantly running your body on empty. If you're like most women,...
  3. Organic and Natural

    Intuitive eating as a naturally healthy lifestyle

    When it comes to getting healthy, a lot of us turn toward the latest diet craze but often revert back to old habits. Teaching your...
  4. Organic and Natural

    The organic food guide: How to start stocking your pantry

    We've all heard that eating organic is better for our families, but getting started can be overwhelming. Here is a guide for easily...
  5. Workouts

    This trick can help you shed a pound a week

    Whether you're an avid gym rat trying to lose those final stubborn pounds or easing into a workout regimen, this one simple step can...
  6. Well-being

    9 Stupid things you've done to your body

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    If I were to tally my daily routine, I’d say for every good habit I’ve established I've still got four crappy ones to...
  7. Workouts

    3 Bloggers committed to fitness and fearless living

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    The new year is the perfect time to create a list of attainable fitness goals and commit to achieving them, whether you aspire to...
  8. Children's Health

    Cold and flu season by the numbers

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    You may think you know all there is to know about cold and flu season, but we're willing to bet these numbers will surprise you!
  9. Workouts

    Cardio over cocktails: The new and improved happy hour

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    Instead of drinking and eating during happy hours or business meetings, propose a workout class!
  10. Workouts

    Fun ways to lose your resolution weight

    So you resolved to lose weight this year, huh? Millions of people promised themselves the same thing. But what makes you different?...
  11. Diet

    Inside a healthy woman's kitchen

    If you think it’s time to give the contents of your kitchen an overhaul, trade some of what isn’t helping you stay...
  12. Tips & Advice

    How to introduce kids to exercise

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    Doing yoga, Zumba or some other formal exercise program might be a great way to share an experience with your child. But when does...
  13. Diet

    Vitamin C: Not just for preventing colds

    Although Vitamin C is known for preventing colds and infection during the winter, don't overlook the other benefits of this...
  14. Diet

    Why you should eat dinner for breakfast

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    Eating dinner for breakfast isn’t any different from eating breakfast for dinner. Ultimately it’s all about fueling your body...
  15. Diet

    5 Health books that will open your eyes in 2014

    With a new year around the corner, developing and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle may be at the top of your to-do list for...
  16. Well-being

    What your doctor's not telling you about how to live longer

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    Your doctor will probably advise you to eat more veggies and quit smoking, but he or she is also more likely to prescribe a pill or...
  17. Workouts

    A deeper look at the importance of stretching

    Getting toned and feeling healthy are important aspects of fitness, but don't neglect stretching. Flexibility isn't just something...
  18. Well-being

    Hidden causes of back pain and how to silence them

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    According to the American Chiropractic Association, as much as 80 percent of the population will experience back pain in their lives...
  19. Workouts

    Morning yoga poses for more energy

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    Let’s face it people, waking up is hard! And despite our greatest efforts, some of us just weren’t born to be morning people. Sigh.
  20. Workouts

    Easy changes you can make to combat a sedentary job

    We all know sitting at a desk for hours every day can have a negative impact on our health and our waist line. That's why we're...