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  1. Healthy Recipes

    Expert tips on multicultural cuisine

    Rachel Khanna is a chef and holistic counselor, traveling the world with her family. She's a health guru, sharing her love of...
  2. Healthy Recipes

    Chef Rocco DiSpirito dishes on food and summer

    Rocco DiSpirito recently joined with Triscuit to launch their new Brown Rice Triscuit and is hoping to change people’s perception of...
  3. Healthy Recipes

    8 Superfoods to add to your smoothie

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    Smoothies make for a nutritious breakfast, quick post-workout snack or evening dessert. They're naturally healthy — but you...
  4. Diet

    Nutrition Challenge: Eat more greens

    Popeye had it right: When it comes to your health, green, leafy vegetables are the way to go. Here are a few reasons you should...
  5. Workouts

    Healthy eating vs. exercise

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    A survey finds that many people spend less time working out in order to prepare meals.
  6. Healthy Recipes

    How bad are GMOs really?

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    Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are vilified by many. However, GMOs aren't part of some master villain's nefarious plan! Why...
  7. Healthy Recipes

    What to eat on your wedding day

    The day has finally arrived. After months (or years!) of planning, your wedding day is here! As vital as healthy eating has been...
  8. Cooking & Entertaining

    Baseball stadium food breakdown

    Baseball season is so close I can taste it. That — and the delicious hot dogs, nachos and peanuts that come with it. Let's...
  9. Healthy Recipes

    An expert weighs in: All about frozen foods

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    We spoke with a registered dietitian regarding everything you need to know about frozen foods. The good news is they're really not...
  10. Diet

    Be your best with health-boosting beauty detox foods

    The foods you eat not only play a role in how you feel, they can also impact the way you look. An unhealthy diet can mean dull skin,...
  11. Children's Health

    Children and good nutrition: Start early

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    You probably know Tyler Florence as a celebrity chef and Food Network star. What you might not know is that he is also the...
  12. Healthy Recipes

    Health benefits of spicy foods

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    Oh how I love spicy foods. In fact, my mouth waters at the mere thought of Indian curry or spicy buffalo chicken sandwiches....
  13. Healthy Recipes

    Less common foods to avoid when breastfeeding

    When we decide to have a child, we sacrifice our bodies and our diets throughout both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Though we know...
  14. Children's Health

    Healthy alternatives to Easter candy

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    Before you stock up on chocolate eggs and jelly beans, try thinking outside the Easter basket. Here's a list of great alternatives...
  15. Healthy Recipes

    The anti-dieting menu

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    For anti-dieting, think balance. There's no need to starve yourself to lose weight when you eat in moderation. These tips will leave...
  16. Diet

    Harley Pasternak's new Body Reset Diet

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    Harley Pasternak has trained Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson, and now the famous fitness guru has a new...
  17. Healthy Recipes

    10 Foods that increase energy

    When feeling tired, it's so easy just to cruise through the Starbucks drive-thru or grab a Red Bull for a quick pick-me-up. Does it...
  18. Healthy Recipes

    In a pickle: What to do if you're still hungry after dinner

    It's best not to eat anything after 7 p.m., since your body goes into rest mode and burns calories at a slower pace. But what...
  19. Healthy Recipes

    10 Super easy ways to lose weight

    It's safe to say almost all women want to lose weight — whether it's five pounds or 50. Between work, taking care of kids,...
  20. Diet

    Orthorexia: Unhealthy consequences of eating too healthy

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    Orthorexia is a subclinical eating disorder characterized by an obsession of eating healthy. Even though you may think your...