1. Family Fun

    Lyme disease

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    Lyme disease, an inflammatory condition spread through a tick bite, is caused by a bacterium that ticks pick up after biting mice or...
  2. Diet

    How you handle stress could cause you to gain 11 pounds this year

    Science gives us a new reason not to OD on pints of Ben & Jerry's right after a breakup.
  3. Health & Wellness

    Girl goes blind after bacteria ate her corneas

    Eye-eating bacteria blinded a Taiwanese girl after she left her contact lenses in for six months straight. Lian Kao, a 23-year-old...
  4. Women's Health

    Easy meditation techniques that change your mood in less than a minute

    Named as a "new thought leader" by none other than Oprah Winfrey herself, Gabrielle Bernstein teaches her students spirit-based...
  5. Health & Wellness

    5 Ideas to combine simple health checks with regular beauty appointments

    Getting a haircut isn't usually seen as a stressful thing, but some Los Angeles barbers are now checking their clients' blood...
  6. Well-being

    Woman's 47-pound tumor removal shows human side of health reform

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    Whether or not you're in favor of the Affordable Care Act, the results of it have saved a few lives. Since health care reform took...
  7. Diet

    Fruits and vegetables with the most nutrients per calorie

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    Which fruits and veggies are the most nutrient dense? A researcher ranked them.
  8. Well-being

    The real reason your unhealthy habits keep winning

    When you woke up this morning, you were pumped to start the day so you could dust off the healthy habits you’ve been putting off...
  9. Well-being

    New test can tell if breast cancer will spread

    A new test can predict if breast cancer will spread, which can reduce unnecessary treatments in patients.
  10. Diet

    Diet soda better than water for weight loss, study says

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    A new study finds that people lost more weight while on diet drinks — such as soda and tea — compared to those who stuck to water....
  11. Diet

    Yacon syrup: Not enough evidence to call it a weight-loss wonder

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    Dr. Oz is hailing yacon syrup as a miracle weight-loss tool. But is it the real deal, or all hype?
  12. Women's Health

    New "sleep hacking" trend promises to add an extra day to your week

    Too much to do, too little time: It's the modern woman's dilemma. Inevitably someone will point out, "We all have the same 24 hours...
  13. Women's Health

    Measles virus cures woman's cancer

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    A Mayo Clinic trial shows that the measles virus put one woman's cancer completely into remission.
  14. Women's Health

    E-cigarettes are not actually a healthy smoking alternative

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    A new study finds that smoking e-cigarettes isn't safe — and it's not a useful way to quit using traditional cigarettes.
  15. Diet

    Alison Sweeney vetoes “skinny” and talks healthy lifestyle

    When you talk to your BFFs about getting healthy, how much of the convo is based around how you want to look instead of how you want...
  16. Women's Health

    7 Body facts every woman should know

    It takes more than just an apple a day to keep the doctor away. There's a lot of advice that doctors want you to know to help you...