1. New Moms

    Breastfeeding report card: How does your state measure up?

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) studied breastfeeding rates across the U.S. Find out where your state falls...
  2. Baby

    Aren't health-tracking devices for babies a little over the top?

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    You might love your Fitbit, but does your baby really need a health monitor? Wearable devices are giving parents an extra bit of...
  3. Workouts

    New yoga class fuses ballet and yoga for a killer core workout

    From the studio to the stage, combining the arts of yoga and ballet.
  4. Workouts

    What if an exercise mat could teach you yoga?

    How would a mat do that? With LED lights and high-tech sensors — that's how!
  5. Health & Wellness

    Doing these 8 things in the morning can transform your health

    Is your morning rushed and crazy? It's time to say enough is enough to unhealthy morning routines. Instead, transform your mornings...
  6. Diet

    How endurance training transforms your body and soul

    Kaseedee Jermain is a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, Pilates instructor and marathon runner. Just a few years ago, though,...
  7. Pregnancy

    Is veganism harmful during pregnancy?

    In Western culture, veganism may be the trendy approach to eating for health-conscious women; however, have we considered how it's...
  8. Women's Health

    Women living longer when having kids later in life — the full picture

    Women who can have children naturally after the age of 33 are more likely to live longer than those who had their last child before...
  9. Women's Health

    Whoa! Standing three hours a day equivalent to running 10 marathons

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    Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive the same benefits from running a marathon just by standing up? Good news: If you stand for...
  10. K-12

    Does lack of sleep play a role in childhood obesity?

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    Childhood obesity is garnering a lot of media attention these days, and for good reason. There are a multitude of health-related...
  11. K-12

    FDA investigating potential spray-on sunscreen risks

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    Spray-on sunscreen has become just as common in the beach bags of moms everywhere as the beach towel and the sunglasses. But the FDA...
  12. Workouts

    Quickie yoga routines for your hotel room with yoga guru Tara Stiles

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    Attention all jet-setters, world travelers and party-all-nighters — this one's for you!
  13. Well-being

    The app that lets you text a doctor anytime, anywhere

    A new mobile health service lets you text a doctor for answers on the go.
  14. Children's Health

    Wi-Fi waves could be dangerous to your baby bump

    A new campaign aims to boost awareness about the potential dangers of Wi-Fi exposure in pregnant women.
  15. Well-being

    Woman living with terminal breast cancer fulfills lifelong dream

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    Patricia, a 56-year-old single mom, beat the odds and survived breast cancer. But, just seven years later in June of 2012 the former...
  16. Food & Recipes

    Vegetarians, grab a tasty burger at these restaurants

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    When you're a vegetarian, going out for meals can be challenging, especially at restaurants with a limited menu. But going to a...
  17. Workouts

    5 Yoga poses to improve your balance

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    Whether in the metaphorical or physical sense, achieving balance in life is something we all strive for...
  18. Diet

    Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings has a sweet health secret

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    You may think winning Olympic gold medals is cool, but pro volleyball goddess Kerri Walsh Jennings has a new gig that’s just as sweet.
  19. Workouts

    10 Embarrassing things that happen to you in yoga

    Yoga is so relaxing… you know, until you let one rip during downward dog or experience a wardrobe malfunction fit for celebrities....
  20. Health & Wellness

    Is a lack of nature making you sick?

    You may not have heard of Nature Deficit Disorder yet, but chances are, you probably have it. A growing number of alarmed scientists...