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  1. Living

    Sunshiny reasons to be glad it's summer, according to science

    Subjective opinions are in, and it turns out that summer completely rocks. But why? Here are seven scientific reasons why summer is...
  2. Diet

    Can we have a "come to Jesus" about coffee?

    As coffee indulgent as I am, there isn’t one sip I’ve taken that hasn’t been laced with guilt: Am I improving my health by drinking...
  3. Well-being

    What complaining does for (and to) your health

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    OK, so you’re having one of those days and desperately need to vent — but how much venting is too much? When does...
  4. Diet

    The health benefits of strawberries

    When the first strawberries arrive in a scarlet flush in late spring, perfuming local stands and green markets with their sweet,...
  5. Living

    10 Ways Obamacare might impact you and your family

    Regardless of your political stance, Obamacare is the law... and it's here. But how does it really affect your family? We have the...
  6. Health & Wellness

    7 Spices that benefit your health and why

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    Sure, the spices in your pantry kick up the flavor and enhance the aroma of your food, but did you know that there are several...
  7. Diet

    Superfood chocolates that replace junky ones

    Trick or treat, it’s Halloween season! Halloween is festive, fun and evokes the emotion to indulge. Whether the temptation comes...
  8. Women's Health

    Reasons to take up yoga and improve flexibility

    Yoga is good for the mind, body and soul. With more than 3,000 years of evidence to draw from, the argument for yoga is clear:...
  9. Organic and Natural

    The inside scoop on raw chocolate

    We all have our chocolate preferences: white, milk or dark are the classic choices. But there's another variety on the market that...
  10. Careers

    Work from home? Health insurance for freelancers

    Working for yourself is liberating! But what do you do now that your boss isn't paying for half your health insurance?
  11. Healthy Recipes

    5 Benefits of drinking tea

    We all know tea is good for us. With so many different types and flavors out there, we're certain you'll find one you like even if...
  12. Well-being

    5 Surprising ways to avoid getting sick

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    Staying well is easier than you think. Try these uncommon ways to avoid getting sick, and don’t forget to tell your friends,...
  13. Diet

    5 Reasons you need to eat more fiber

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    Fiber is more than just a diet buzzword, it is a crucial nutrient that your body needs to ward off chronic illnesses and achieve...
  14. Children's Health

    Benefits of juice for kids

    Juice often gets bad press as a potential contributor to childhood obesity, but recent research tells a different tale, finding...
  15. Well-being

    Resiliency: Get skills to be happier and healthier

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    Lance Armstrong faced a devastating diagnosis that changed his life. He battled cancer and survived – and came back to cycling and...
  16. Workouts

    How to maintain your exercise motivation

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    Need a shape-up on exercise motivation? Though you stuck to your fitness resolutions for first few weeks of the new year, now it’s...
  17. Sex

    10 Unique health benefits of sex

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    So we all know that we like sex. That it can be fun and adventurous, make us feel more closely connected to our partner, bring out...
  18. Well-being

    Mind-body connection: The psychology of healing

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    What does being healed mean to you? How much does the mind truly affect your ability to recover after an illness, undergoing surgery...
  19. Diet

    Herbs and spices: Their health benefits

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    Love the fiery zing of red hot chili peppers in your burritos? Now you have more reason than ever to enjoy that spicy goodness....