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  1. Well-being

    9 Signs you're trying too hard to be perfect

    Here’s the thing about perfectionism: It’s a good thing, until it’s not. I consider myself to be a “recovering perfectionist,” in...
  2. Women's Health

    How much exercise you need to actually get the healthy benefits

    While many of us think we're getting enough exercise, an alarming number of us are probably wrong. (Me, I didn't even attempt to be...
  3. K-12

    With funding, this high school senior's invention may prevent child hot-car deaths

    On average, 44 children die every year after being left in hot cars. A high school senior from New Mexico created a safety device...
  4. Health & Wellness

    Natural guide to a drug-free medicine cabinet

    "I stock my medicine cabinet with many non-prescription, multi-use drugs," says emergency physician Dr. David Farman. "Sometimes,...
  5. Tips & Advice

    After teen dies in football accident, parents push for better research

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    Bob and Lisa Gfeller experienced every parent's nightmare when their youngest son, Matt, died suddenly. A high school sophomore,...
  6. Health & Wellness

    Doing these 8 things in the morning can transform your health

    Is your morning rushed and crazy? It's time to say enough is enough to unhealthy morning routines. Instead, transform your mornings...
  7. Diet

    Pumping iron for women: A guide to weight lifting

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    Lifting weights is no longer reserved for burly men who are looking to bulk up. In fact, weight lifting is the best way to tone your...
  8. Diet

    Leaders who are changing the world with fitness

    Fitness has the potential to change people's lives. These five individuals have created a movement and transformed the health of...
  9. Tips & Advice

    6 Ways to tell if your kids are stressed out

    Even tots can get tense, but moms and dads who manage their own stress well can help their kids stay on an even keel.
  10. Diet

    So you think you’re tough: 11 Fitness tests to test your strength

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    OK, so you have been going to the gym regularly and you think you are in pretty good shape — but how fit are you really? Challenge...
  11. Well-being

    Have you adopted the proper pooping position yet?

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    Squatting isn't just something you should do in the gym.
  12. Well-being

    Two thumbs up for this holistic approach to plastic surgery

    Highly renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie is leading the charge toward a new approach to cosmetic procedures. "As much as...
  13. K-12

    Could sound therapy be right for my child?

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    Sound therapy isn't new but there is a renewed appreciation for this alternative treatment as of late. The theory is that vibrations...
  14. Workouts

    10 Embarrassing things that happen to you in yoga

    Yoga is so relaxing… you know, until you let one rip during downward dog or experience a wardrobe malfunction fit for celebrities....
  15. Well-being

    Best approach to nix caffeine: Cold turkey or slow fade?

    Whether your doctor’s ordering you around or you’re just sick of the afternoon jitters, you’ve decided to simmer down on the whole...
  16. Health & Wellness

    Scientific reasons you should smile more

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    If you think your smile is just a way to look pretty, think again. The human smile communicates volumes, both to your physiology and...
  17. Well-being

    What quitting smoking is really like

    Once upon a time, I decided to quit smoking. After 2,437 failed attempts, I wasn’t living happily ever after. (Since, you know,...
  18. Diet

    Can we have a "come to Jesus" about coffee?

    As coffee indulgent as I am, there isn’t one sip I’ve taken that hasn’t been laced with guilt: Am I improving my health by drinking...
  19. Women's Health

    7 Supplements your body is craving

    It's impossible to reach the top of your game if you're constantly running your body on empty. If you're like most women,...
  20. Women's Health

    Common health myths you probably believe

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    Misinformation is a huge barrier to optimal health for both individuals and communities. Take your health into your own hands by...