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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Is Hayden Panettiere hooking up with her married co-star?

    Hayden Panettiere was engaged only months ago, but there are reports she may be hooking up with a co-star. But how much can we trust...
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    Nashville : 10 predictions for Season 2

    Wednesday night saw the return of Nashville , and — not surprisingly — a simple car crash couldn't take down the queen of country....
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    Nashville Season 2 spoilers: Juliette grows a heart?

    Rayna and Juliette back at war? Will and Gunnar become friends? Scarlett going on her own journey? Juliette looking for love? Check...
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    Nashville Season 2 speculations: Weddings, battles and babies

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    Now that the Nashville Season 1 finale is over, we speculate and give our theories on what might happen in Season 2.
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    Nashville Season 1 finale recap: Everything is wrecked (almost)

    In the Nashville Season 1 finale called "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive," nearly every character suffers through some sort...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Hayden Panettiere on engagement rumors: "No ring"

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    Nashville star Hayden Panettiere clears up the confusion about her rumored engagement to boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko. She says...
  7. Television

    Nashville finale preview: Saving the best for last

    Tragedy struck in last week's episode and someone discovered a very painful truth. How will everyone be affected as ABC's hit drama...
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    Nashville recap: 2 Losses, 1 broken heart

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    In this episode of Nashville , called "A Picture From Life's Other Side," Juliette's troubles worsen in ways she never saw coming,...
  9. Television

    Nashville recap: Time to face reality

    In this episode of Nashville , called "Why Don't You Love Me," Deacon and Rayna wake up after a blissful night and start to face...
  10. Television

    Nashville recap: Juliette learns a harsh truth

    On this episode of Nashville called "Take These Chains from My Heart," Juliette learns a harsh truth about someone she cares...
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    Nashville recap: These foolish games

    Juliette and Dante's relationship causes friction on the tour. Meanwhile, Gunnar's new friendship brings back his creative fire, but...
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    Nashville news and spoilers: Rayna's new man and more

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    We've got some news about ABC's Nashville , including spoilers about a possible new man in Rayna's life, a burgeoning friendship...
  13. Television

    Nashville recap: Moving on and growing up

    Juliette starts acting like a grown-up and gets help from her mom's sobriety coach. Meanwhile, Rayna has to let her little girl grow...
  14. Television

    Nashville preview: "I Saw the Light"

    Juliette is jealous when she sees Rayna's face on a huge billboard instead of hers, and it looks like Rayna may be jealous when she...
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    Is Hayden Panettiere engaged to Wladimir Klitschko?

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    Is Hayden Panettiere engaged? Rumors are starting to circulate as she and boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko spent some quality time...
  16. Television

    Nashville preview: Episode 15

    Rayna and Teddy's relationship grows more complicated when Maddie gets in trouble. Meanwhile, Deacon finds himself interested in...
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    ABC's Nashville planning concert tour

    The stars of ABC's hit Nashville may be coming to your town soon!
  18. Television

    Nashville recap: Goodbye, brother

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    It's a time for new beginnings on Nashville , but not all are happy.
  19. Television

    Nashville recap: Transitions

    This week's Nashville was pretty ho-hum... except for the return of sexy music producer Liam McGuinnis. Guess that Deacon/Rayna...
  20. Television

    Nashville recap: Ch-ch-ch-changes

    Rayna and Juliette are still on tour, but things are just as dramatic on the road as they are back in Nashville.