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    Hayden Panettiere plans to be "stripped down" for wedding

    Hayden Panettiere is gearing up to walk down the aisle and marry. Note, though, it'll be the woman wearing a gorgeous gown on that...
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    Jena Malone and 16 other actresses with amazing voices

    Think you know everything about your favorite actresses? Did you know all these ladies can sing?
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Hayden Panettiere joins fiancé's family in fight for Ukraine

    Hayden Panettiere is marrying into a Ukrainian family, and she is joining them to fight for their country.
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    Celebrity engagements of 2014

    Even though many celebs were married in 2013, there are still plenty out there who have yet to walk down the aisle. Which celebs are...
  5. Television

    Hayden Panettiere commits awards show faux pas

    Hayden Panettiere might have made a fashion mistake at the Golden Globes, but Tom Ford's appreciative gesture proves he's a class act.
  6. Television

    INTERVIEW: Nashville 's Callie Khouri admits all hell breaks loose

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    Nashville creator Callie Khouri discusses her struggle as "the woman who writes women" and the drama ahead for our favorite female...
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    Nashville sneak peek: Does Will die?

    Two characters on Nashville might not make it to see the midseason return. Don't worry — we've pieced together the clues in search...
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    Nashville nabs Extra hosts Lopez and Menounos

    TV personalities Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos will appear as themselves this week on Nashville . Hmm... we wonder which character...
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    Ouch! Hayden Panettiere gets bikini wax during interview

    This is multitasking on a whole new level! Hayden Panettiere has a very busy life, so busy that she has to find time for her bikini...
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    10 Reasons Nashville has changed country music

    Taking the country scene by storm, Season 2 of Nashville is well underway. The show continues to surprise with its soulful and fun...
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    The best plastic surgeries of 2013

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    Listing the worst celebrity plastic surgeries is too easy. So instead we decided to applaud the celebs who did it right. We turned...
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    It's official! Hayden Panettiere is engaged!

    The rumor of Hayden Panettiere's engagement to her boxer boyfriend has been around Hollywood for at least a few months, but she...
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    Is Hayden Panettiere hooking up with her married co-star?

    Hayden Panettiere was engaged only months ago, but there are reports she may be hooking up with a co-star. But how much can we trust...
  14. Television

    Nashville : 10 predictions for Season 2

    Wednesday night saw the return of Nashville , and — not surprisingly — a simple car crash couldn't take down the queen of country....
  15. Television

    Nashville Season 2 spoilers: Juliette grows a heart?

    Rayna and Juliette back at war? Will and Gunnar become friends? Scarlett going on her own journey? Juliette looking for love? Check...
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    Nashville Season 2 speculations: Weddings, battles and babies

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    Now that the Nashville Season 1 finale is over, we speculate and give our theories on what might happen in Season 2.
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    Nashville Season 1 finale recap: Everything is wrecked (almost)

    In the Nashville Season 1 finale called "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive," nearly every character suffers through some sort...
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    Hayden Panettiere on engagement rumors: "No ring"

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    Nashville star Hayden Panettiere clears up the confusion about her rumored engagement to boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko. She says...
  19. Television

    Nashville finale preview: Saving the best for last

    Tragedy struck in last week's episode and someone discovered a very painful truth. How will everyone be affected as ABC's hit drama...
  20. Television

    Nashville recap: 2 Losses, 1 broken heart

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    In this episode of Nashville , called "A Picture From Life's Other Side," Juliette's troubles worsen in ways she never saw coming,...