1. Halloween Costumes & Makeup

    How to style your Daenerys Targaryen Halloween costume

    Follow this shopping guide on how to design your own Daenerys Targaryen costume and become the mother of dragons for this year's...
  2. Halloween Costumes & Makeup

    Group Halloween costumes: The cast from Duck Dynasty

    SheKnows is (duck)-calling you and your friends to dress up as one of television's favorite families, the Robertsons. Grab your...
  3. Cooking & Entertaining

    Pumpkin-spice puppy chow

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    It's snack time! We have taken this classic treat and turned into the perfect fall snack.
  4. Cooking & Entertaining

    3 Spooky Halloween dip recipes

    Having a Halloween party? Want that "magazine look," without spending too much time or money? Using store-bought items guarantees...
  5. Family Fun

    Halloween luminaries for kids

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    The witching hour isn't as creepy when you light up the night with canning jar tea light holders that your kids can make themselves....
  6. Cooking & Entertaining

    Pumpkin-shaped Rice Krispies treats

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    These too cute Rice Krispies treats are shaped like pumpkins. Serve these treats at your Halloween party for a snack or a simple...
  7. Pregnancy

    10 Creative ways to dress your baby bump for Halloween

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    Don’t hide your baby bump this Halloween, make it part of your costume! From movie-inspired pregnancy costumes (Juno! Castaway!) to...
  8. Halloween for Grownups

    The best Halloween makeup tutorials from YouTube

    Transform your look this Halloween with step-by-step tutorials on YouTube. These free tutorials help you create Halloween makeup...
  9. Décor & Style

    Weekend home decor shopper: Spooky Halloween decor

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    Panic mode is setting in... there are only two weeks left until Halloween! But don't worry, there's still time for last-minute...
  10. Halloween Costumes & Makeup

    Top 10 baby costume ideas for Halloween

    It's your baby's first Halloween! Make it special with these oh-so-adorable costumes you cannot only buy, but also DIY!
  11. Halloween Costumes & Makeup

    10 Adorable toddler Halloween costumes

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    Allow your toddler to be the adorable little human they were meant to be with these drool-worthy costume ideas. With DIY finds and...
  12. Halloween Costumes & Makeup

    12 Hilarious group costume ideas for Halloween

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    Rally up the troop and get ready to look awesome for this year's Halloween bash. From DIY to ready and waiting to be purchased,...
  13. Halloween for Grownups

    5 Style options for a Miley Cyrus Halloween costume

    She is the queen of scandal, the princess of pop and the headliner of all celebrity news. Dress like the one and only this year, and...
  14. Décor & Style

    How to tastefully decorate your house for Halloween

    You can capture the fun of Halloween in your decor without going over the top into the world of ticky-tacky spooky. These bloggers...
  15. Family Fun

    Zillow's best cities for trick or treating

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    While part of the fun of taking your kids through your neighborhood on Halloween is visiting your neighbors, knowing your youngsters...
  16. Cooking & Entertaining

    Spooky hard-boiled egg eye recipe

    A tray of these spooky hard-boiled egg eyes makes a fun and freaky appetizer for a Halloween party! Serve with whole grain toast...
  17. Cooking & Entertaining

    Mini caramel apple bite recipe

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    Kids and adults alike will go crazy over a tray of these adorable and delicious mini caramel apple bites!
  18. Family Fun

    Alternative trick-or-treat bag goodies

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    No one wants to be “that” house that gives out the lame box of raisins or fresh orange — you’re risking an...
  19. Cooking & Entertaining

    Chocolate cauldron cake

    This cauldron cake is completely edible, worms and all!