halloween recipes

  1. Halloween Parties

    Mummies and witches and goblins, oh my! The best Halloween party ever

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    Halloween is creeping upon us! Here are some ideas to help make this year's Halloween bash the best yet!
  2. Halloween Parties

    Halloween on a dime: Frighteningly frugal fun!

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    The average American family spends more than $100 per year on Halloween goodies. As your kids drag you through aisles full of...
  3. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Truly gross Halloween food

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    Halloween fun is just around the corner. Don't just dress up your kids; dress up their food too! Here are some truly gross recipes...
  4. Healthy Recipes

    Recipes with roasted pumpkin seeds

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    Instead of tossing the seeds of your Halloween jack o' lantern, transform them into a fragrant, flavorful roasted snack or a...
  5. Healthy Recipes

    Low carb Halloween candy treats and recipes

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    What's Halloween without candy and treats? Though some low-carbers will ignore the "trick or treat" holiday or hope for tricks...
  6. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Guilt-free Halloween treats for your family

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    Halloween is known for many things, but health food is definitely not one of them. Every year, children fill up sacks of candy while...
  7. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Squiggly Gelatin Worms

    These jiggly worms are just as much fun to make as they are to eat. And they're perfect for a Halloween party!
  8. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Pretzel Spider Webs for Halloween

    Here's an exciting (and delicious!) Halloween treat that is safe for children who wear braces.
  9. Halloween Food & Recipes


    Delicious and simple, this treat is a perfect Halloween dessert.
  10. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Halloween Crispy Rice Treats

    A great treat to bring to school or to serve at a Halloween party! Easy to make, even at the last minute.
  11. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Ghost Toast

    A frighteningly easy recipe for an edible craft kids will love.
  12. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Frozen Jack-O-Lanterns

    This ingenious recipe makes chocolatey jack-o-lanterns not from pumpkins but from oranges!
  13. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Creepy Crispy Critter Rice Treats for Halloween

    Here's a yummy recipe for Halloween cats that even dog-lovers will devour.
  14. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Halloween Chocolate Spiders

    Here's an easy, inexpensive recipe for chocolate-loving ghouls.
  15. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Halloween Choco Lanterns

    This Halloween, serve up delicious chocolate pudding in small, hollowed-out pumpkins!
  16. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Witches' Brew II

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    "Boil" up some trouble with this simple recipe that'll delight little witches.
  17. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Halloween Phantom Punch

    Thirsty ghosts will love the frozen fruit ghouls that swim in this spooky brew.
  18. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Pumpkin Pudding

    Pumpkin is among the most versatile fruits (yes, fruit!) and even makes a sumptuous pudding that's perfect for a fall evening.
  19. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Pumpkin Ice Cream

    Homemade ice cream is so very tasty -- and without all the artificial colors and flavors of grocery-store varieties, so much more...
  20. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Monster Cookies

    An easy, quick and fun way to make monstrously yummy Halloween cookies with the kids