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  1. Hairstyles

    7 Hairstyles for a fivehead

    If you have a high forehead and you want off the bangs bandwagon... well, you're preaching to the choir, sister. Here are seven...
  2. Celebrity Hairstyles

    The best ever celebrity hairstyles at the Golden Globes

    Ready for this year's Golden Globes? Celebrate one of Hollywood's biggest nights by reminiscing over the best red carpet hairstyles...
  3. Hair how-tos

    How to... style dirty hair

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    Admit it: We don’t always have the time to wash our hair. To keep your locks looking chic and stylish, get in on our dirty little...
  4. Hair how-tos

    How to mask a bad bangs haircut

    Getting a bad bang cut gives an all-new meaning to having a bad hair day. Not only are you stuck with it until it grows back enough...
  5. Hairstyles

    4 Different parts to try this fall

    Your hair can get used to the way it lays and tend to look flat and lifeless. Easy fix: Change your part! By moving your hair from...
  6. Hairstyles

    Hairstyle tutorials for wet hair

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    Whether you don't have time to blow out your hair in the morning or you've been at the beach all day long, these are some of my...
  7. Beauty for Moms

    3 Easy alternatives to the mom ponytail

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    If you have time as a busy mom to throw your hair into a ponytail every day, you will most definitely have time to try these three...
  8. More Beauty & Style

    5 Tips for braiding your own hair

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    For a lot of people, braiding your own hair can seem like a daunting task. But all it really takes is breaking it down into easy...
  9. Beauty for Moms

    Update your hair for spring

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    Do you wake up every morning to get the kids ready for school and just pull your hair into a ponytail? Is your hair sometimes so...
  10. Hair tips

    Frequent flier hairstyle tips

    Your flight just landed, you grab your luggage from the baggage claim, you hit the airport restroom and... disaster. Yup, I’m...
  11. Hair tips

    Tips for growing out your pixie cut

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    Growing out your hair can be frustrating, especially when it comes to pixie cuts. To make the process a bit less painful, we've got...
  12. Hair tips

    Gym instructor secrets: 4 dry shampoos for your gym bag

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    Like many of us this time of year, we’ve made a resolution to hit the gym and really get in shape in 2013. While you should be...
  13. Hairstyles

    10 Go-to products for beachy waves in the winter

    Even if you’re still cursing the end of beach season, you can still inject your look with bold, beachy waves. Sound good? We have...
  14. Hair tips

    How to curl pin straight hair

    If you have curly hair, you want straight hair. On the contrary, if you have straight hair, you will do anything you can to make...
  15. Hair tips

    How to break through a hair rut

    Just like style ruts and makeup ruts, getting sick of the way you style your tresses is common. Before you vow to chop off your...
  16. Hair tips

    Seriously, what's the secret to the perfect blow out?

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    Nick Penna from the award-winning hair salon SalonCapri in Boston is going to help us bring on cool dos after the summer heat. Plus,...
  17. Hair tips

    Bored with your long hair? Try these styles!

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    Long hair can often be ultra-easy to deal with. You can wear it down, tie it back, put it up -- the options seem pretty endless. But...
  18. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Match your tresses with your dresses: Choosing the perfect 'do

    When you're going to a party, wedding or other special event, you should always consider what dress you will be wearing when...
  19. SheKnows TV: SheKnows Goes to the Shows

    Red carpet hairstyles for fall

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    With the Emmy Awards right around the corner and celebrity events happening all the time, let's talk about the latest trends in red...
  20. Hair tips

    Second day hair: Don't let your hair do the walk of shame

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    Let’s be honest. Who has time to wash and style her hair every single day? Besides, daily shampooing can seriously dry out your...