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  1. Hair tips

    4 Easy ways to fight frizz this summer

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    Ah, summer. The days are long, the nights are hot -- and our hair is a frizzy mess. To help avoid having to deal with a tangle of...
  2. Beauty for Moms

    New ways to help moms with thinning hair

    After giving birth, many moms notice thinning hair. This is usually a shock to most, since most had thick, glorious hair while...
  3. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    Get the look: Our favorite summer blondes

    Are you blonde or looking to go blonde this summer? We'll show you how to get the look of three of our favorite “golden girls,” so...
  4. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    Reality Roundup: Kris Jenner

    Kris Jenner is a certified power mom and entertainment mega force. But how does the busy “momager” always maintain her chic, short...
  5. Hairstyles

    The lobe: What is it and should you test it out this summer?

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    There are a lot of hot hair trends this season, and the lobe is at the top of that list! Today, we're exploring the look and letting...
  6. Hair tips

    How to style your hair this 4th of July

    This 4th of July, make sure your hair is barbecue-ready with these hot summer hairstyles.
  7. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    Summer hair dos and don'ts

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    Wondering how to keep your hair refreshed and hydrated this summer? We share our hair dos and don’ts, so you can have flawless...
  8. Hair how-tos

    How to chalk black hair

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    We went to some of the top hair colorists in the country to get tips on how to chalk your hair. If you have black hair, you'll want...
  9. Hair how-tos

    How to chalk red hair

    Hair chalking is all the rage. It's a cheap way you can add multicolored tips to you hair without using any permanent dyes. It's...
  10. Hair how-tos

    How to chalk brown hair

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    Dip-dyed, bright, multicolored hair has been a huge fashion trend lately with the hottest celebrities rocking this look. Because of...
  11. Hair how-tos

    How to chalk blonde hair

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    Hair chalking is a hot way to add vibrant color to your hair without any commitment. Chalking blonde hair is the same as with any...
  12. Hair how-tos

    How to chalk your hair

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    Hair chalking is an easy, quick and inexpensive way to add temporary color to your hair. You can do it yourself without making a big...
  13. Hair how-tos

    How to choose the right blonde shade for you

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    If you’re thinking about going blonde for the summer, you’ll first need to figure out what color complements your complexion. Heed...
  14. Hair how-tos

    How to find a great hairstylist

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    We’re savvy consumers and we have at our fingertips more information than ever before. We can jump on the internet and find out the...
  15. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    5 Tips for summer hair health

    Healthy hair is dependent on a variety of factors – genetics, diet and more – but in the summer, there's a lot we can do to keep...
  16. Endless Summer

    Sock bun hair: What this craze is all about

    Even if you haven't heard about sock buns, you have probably seen one. The sock bun is the latest updo craze. By using an ordinary...
  17. Endless Summer

    Catch the wave: The simple secret to beach waves

    At the beach, we all see women with perfectly tousled waves. While, for the lucky ones, the waves come naturally, some of us need to...
  18. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    Reality Roundup: Kelly Clarkson

    We can’t stop but listen to Kelly Clarkson’s powerhouse vocals on ABC’s Duets , but what are we swooning over even more? Her...
  19. Summer Fashion

    Highlights vs. ombre: Color pros and cons

    Thinking of changing up your locks this summer? We have the scoop on some different options to try. While we love traditional...
  20. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    How to find the best hair extensions

    Hair extensions are a fabulous way to add volume and length to your locks. When choosing hair extensions, you need to find the best...