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    Hairstyles for winter

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    When the seasons change, you should change more than just your wardrobe. Consider something different for your hair too. This...
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    How to winterize your curls: Winter hair care

    Every year when the mercury plummets, stylist Jonathan Torch starts getting the calls from unhappy clients. Almost overnight, their...
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    10 Expert tips for beautiful hair

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    When summer ends, update your hair color and hairstyle, along with your wardrobe. To find out what's hot for fall, we went straight...
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    Tips for coloring your hair at home

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    You can color your hair at home for a fraction of the cost of professional hair color. To achieve beautiful hair color at home,...
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    Expert tips for beautiful hair highlights

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    As the warmer weather approaches this season, make sure that not only is your style up to par, but your hair color, as well. Try...
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    Summer hair care from sun up to sun down

    Everyone loves the beauty of summer -- the beach, the sun, the pool. But spending so much time in the water and sun can do serious...
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    Summertime haircare tips: Goodbye dry, hello shiny!

    Just as the weather changes from winter to spring, so does your hair. Yuki Sharoni of Yuki Sharoni: Beauty & Lifestyle...
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    How to protect your hair from sun damage: Summer haircare tips

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    When summertime rolls around it is easy to get caught up in the toasty warmth of the sun and forget to adequately protect your hair....
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    Crimes of fashion committed by moms

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    For moms, it does seem like a cute baby is the ultimate cloaking device. All the attention you once received during your pregnancy...
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    The pros and cons of hair extensions

    Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and countless others regularly...