hair care tips

  1. Makeup & Skin Care

    Vitamins that boost natural beauty

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    As it turns out, we really are what we eat. Diet has profound effects on appearance and not just at the waistline. The glowing...
  2. Hair tips

    Everything you need to know about growing out your hair

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    Hair growth itself doesn't take a whole lot of thought. Growing out your hair in a happy and healthy way, however, may take a little...
  3. Luxury & Spa

    Insider beauty secrets from spas and salons

    For a few best-kept salon secrets, I sought advice from the experts at Aveda, who offer their plant-based products and ritual-based...
  4. Hair how-tos

    How to mask a bad bangs haircut

    Getting a bad bang cut gives an all-new meaning to having a bad hair day. Not only are you stuck with it until it grows back enough...
  5. Hair tips

    Beauty during cancer: Hair care, headpieces and scarves

    Turn on your television or computer, and you'll quickly watch a barrage of messages about how hair and beauty are intertwined. What,...
  6. Hair tips

    DIY moisturizing hair mask

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    When you want a fix for shiny hair, this is the hair mask for you. Grab a few things from your kitchen and you'll be ready to let...
  7. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    Go green — with your hair

    Maybe you’ve already made the switch to good-for-you and the earth skin care products and cosmetics (Yay, you!), but you’re still...
  8. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    Hair column: The dos and don'ts for healthy, shiny hair

    Makeup artist and beauty blogger Cara Brook of MaskCara has essential tips for keeping your locks in tip-top shape! Follow her dos...
  9. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    Rejuvenate your tresses with this refreshing hair mask

    Spring is a time for renewal and cleansing. Start with your hair and scalp by deep-treating both to an intensive moisturizer that...
  10. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    Don’t try this at home: Curly hair habits to break

    When it comes to curly hair, you sometimes have to play by a different set of rules. It can be tough to retrain yourself when most...
  11. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    How to get bombshell curls

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    If you long for bombshell curls like the models and actresses you see on TV, then feast your eyes on this how-to guide. We are...
  12. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    DIY hair repair treatments

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    Has the winter weather taken a toll on your locks? Bring them to life with these home hair remedies.
  13. Hair tips

    Hello hot rollers! Retro hair tools worth pulling out of storage

    We love to try out hot, new beauty tools, but there’s something fun about reaching into the past to find some fresh ways to get...
  14. Hair tips

    Survival beauty: Don't fear hair loss

    Women think hair is the mecca of femininity — we’ve hid behind it when nervous on a first date, drastically colored it after a...
  15. Hair tips

    Dirty talk: Why dirty hair is better

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    Do you wash your hair every day? We’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t. That’s right — it’s time to get dirty! Daily shampoo...
  16. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    4 Hair styling mistakes and how to fix them

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    If you’re a woman and you have hair, you’ve undoubtedly experienced your fair share of hair woes. From bad hair days to limp, dry...
  17. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    Easy ways to prevent hair damage

    Prevent damage to your hair before it starts. Damaged hair is dry, dull and unhealthy. You can avoid hair damage by following these...
  18. Hair tips

    Get great hair tonight! Quick solutions for common hair problems

    Everyone encounters hair problems now and then. Whether you are dealing with frizzy, oily, limp or dull hair, we have some quick...
  19. Hair tips

    Soft and smooth locks: Tips to nourish your hair

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    No matter if your hair is straight or curly, thick or thin, you can get soft, smooth, manageable locks. Follow these tips to nourish...
  20. Hair tips

    Go gold with a master colorist (and more winning beauty tips!)

    After two weeks of rounding up patriotic fashions, Olympic-inspired must-have products and our favorite fashion designers from...