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  1. Hair tips

    What would happen if you quit shampoo

    Let's take a moment and picture our lives without shampoo: Dun dun dunnnn! Did you just imagine your hair becoming a gigantic,...
  2. Celebrity Hairstyles

    Hair trend: Nicole Richie’s new 'do is to "dye" for

    It’s official, ladies: Purple is in, and not in a “It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter” sort of way. This hot hue is taking...
  3. Hair tips

    How wearing your hair up damages your hair

    Wearing your hair down is amazing... you know, until it gets in your face, in your mouth, tickles the back of your neck and takes a...
  4. Hair tips

    Ellen raises a great point about the problem with dry shampoo

    In a way that only she can, Ellen brought up many valid-yet-hysterical points about dry shampoo in a recent opening monologue. If...
  5. How-To

    How to keep long hair healthy

    'Tis the season to let long hair shine! Do away with years of damage and get back on the road to health stat with these quick and...
  6. Hair tips

    Everything you need to know about growing out your hair

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    Hair growth itself doesn't take a whole lot of thought. Growing out your hair in a happy and healthy way, however, may take a little...
  7. Shopping for Beauty & Fashion

    Top 10 beauty products under $10

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    Beauty products can seriously break the bank. Sometimes it's nice to splurge, but these products are affordable, easy to find, and...
  8. Luxury & Spa

    Insider beauty secrets from spas and salons

    For a few best-kept salon secrets, I sought advice from the experts at Aveda, who offer their plant-based products and ritual-based...
  9. Hair tips

    Beauty during cancer: Hair care, headpieces and scarves

    Turn on your television or computer, and you'll quickly watch a barrage of messages about how hair and beauty are intertwined. What,...
  10. Hair tips

    DIY spray-on, leave-in hair conditioner

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    A good hair conditioner is great for any time of year. As the summer sun sets and the fall begins, your hair might need some extra...
  11. Makeup & Skin Care

    5 Beauty products you didn't know you had

    Tired of bringing home expensive products with mysterious ingredients? Whether you're looking to go green or save green, take a look...
  12. Celebrity Hairstyles

    Lauren Conrad’s secret ingredient to amazing hair

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    We're always a bit jealous of Lauren Conrad's shiny strands. It turns out that the secret behind her luscious locks is available at...
  13. Hairstyles

    DIY salt spray for beachy waves

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    Who doesn’t look her best after time at the beach? The sunny days and ocean breeze can do wonders! Get seaside-inspired hair anytime...
  14. Hair tips

    Hair today, gone tomorrow: How to prevent hair loss

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    We all want a gorgeous, thick mane of hair. The scary truth, though, is we lose plenty of hair every day — like 100 hairs! If you've...
  15. More Beauty & Style

    New hair-care products you need to try

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    Hair products are best when they reduce steps rather than add to your routine. We like these nine new products for their simplicity...
  16. Hair tips

    Can a pill erase your gray hair forever?

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    Would you use a pill to take away gray hair? Go Away Gray is trying to convince you that two pills a day will rid you of gray hair...
  17. Hair tips

    Frequent flier hairstyle tips

    Your flight just landed, you grab your luggage from the baggage claim, you hit the airport restroom and... disaster. Yup, I’m...
  18. Hair tips

    Hair styling saviors: 4 Fantastic products

    Weeding through all the available hair styling products out there can be a big pain in the you know what. Some work quite well and...
  19. Beauty & Fashion Bargains

    Celebrate National Pomegranate Month with these fruity beauty buys

    Pomegranate season is in full swing, as is National Pomegranate Month. So what better way to celebrate the antioxidant packed fruit...
  20. Hair tips

    Best of the best conditioner awards

    Not all conditioners are created equal, so matching your conditioner to your hair type is the key to great hair. We’ve outlined some...