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  1. Skin Care

    9 Totally affordable beauty products celebrities love

    It’s no wonder celebrities look good a solid 99 percent of the time: They have oodles of beauty specialists at their disposal and...
  2. Hair

    Hair sunscreen: It’s a must and here are 9 products to choose from

    Yes, hair sunscreen is a thing — an uber-important thing. For one, singeing your locks in the sun will eventually make you look like...
  3. Hair

    Women rock premature gray hair — and we love it

    Now this is a movement we can get behind. More and more women in their 20s, 30s and 40s are going gray... and loving it. Let these...
  4. Beauty 365

    Cute up and out-of-the-way hairstyles

    For those days when long and loose hair just won't cut it, make sure you have a polished updo in your repertoire. Not sure where to...
  5. Hair

    What would happen if you quit shampoo

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    Let's take a moment and picture our lives without shampoo: Do I really need to add to the scroll of reasons people think I'm weird?
  6. Hair

    Hair trend: Nicole Richie’s new 'do is to "dye" for

    It’s official, ladies: Purple is in, and not in a “It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter” sort of way. This hot hue is taking...
  7. Hair

    How wearing your hair up damages your hair

    Wearing your hair down is amazing... you know, until it gets in your face, in your mouth, tickles the back of your neck and takes a...
  8. Hair

    7 Hairstyles for a fivehead

    If you have a high forehead and you want off the bangs bandwagon... well, you're preaching to the choir, sister. Here are seven...
  9. Hair

    Ellen raises a great point about the problem with dry shampoo

    In a way that only she can, Ellen brought up many valid-yet-hysterical points about dry shampoo in a recent opening monologue. If...
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    Ring in NYE like a celeb... and look like one, too

    Whether you plan to hit the club on New Year's Eve like Rihanna or hang out at home with your loved ones like homebody Blake Lively,...
  11. Skincare

    3 Easy alternatives to the mom ponytail

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    If you have time as a busy mom to throw your hair into a ponytail every day, you will most definitely have time to try these three...
  12. Skin Care

    New hair-care products you need to try

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    Hair products are best when they reduce steps rather than add to your routine. We like these nine new products for their simplicity...
  13. How-Tos

    How to get Jennifer Lawrence's look

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    We’re breaking down how you can score the A-lister’s signature beauty looks at home.
  14. How-To

    How to create Amy Adams' look from the Golden Globes

    Create the old-Hollywood look sported by Amy Adams at the 2013 Golden Globes. Nicole Hartmann, stylist to the stars and Schwarzkopf...
  15. How-Tos

    How to put your hair into a sock bun

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    If you're crunched for time and your hair is a mess, no need to fuss -- put your hair in a bun! By using a sock you can create this...
  16. Hair

    6 Celebrity hair crushes

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    When it comes to looking great, celebrities have it easy. They have a team of makeup artists and hair stylists making sure they...
  17. Hair

    Make your hair color last

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    Watching your once shimmering, gorgeous hair color fade into a duller version of itself is frustrating. While telltale roots are...
  18. Hair

    Top 4 timeless hair trends

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    Just as with fashion and makeup, popular hairstyles come and go, but you don’t have to be a slave to trendy styles to look great....
  19. Skincare

    Runway to MomWay: A guide to spring’s hair trends

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    We’ve read so much about the style and beauty looks on the runways for Spring 2011, but the question is how do we get these looks at...
  20. Hair

    Fight frizz with a keratin treatment

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    If you have curly hair that’s prone to frizz at the merest hint of humidity, we don’t blame you for coveting straighter locks. Tame...