1. Hair

    Hairstyles for winter

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    When the seasons change, you should change more than just your wardrobe. Consider something different for your hair too. This...
  2. Skincare

    Homemade winter hair treatments

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    As the cold weather kicks in, many women have problems with dull hair, split ends, flyaways and dandruff. This winter, take care of...
  3. Hair

    How to winterize your curls: Winter hair care

    Every year when the mercury plummets, stylist Jonathan Torch starts getting the calls from unhappy clients. Almost overnight, their...
  4. Hair

    10 Expert tips for beautiful hair

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    When summer ends, update your hair color and hairstyle, along with your wardrobe. To find out what's hot for fall, we went straight...
  5. Hair

    10 Commandments of sinfully rich hair color

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    Tempted to try a DIY dye job? Whether you're headed toward blonde, red or brunette, don't even crack open the box until you've read...
  6. Hair

    Your hair dilemmas, solved!

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    The only thing that baffles us more than boys is our hair. We receive tons of email from readers with troubling tress questions....
  7. Hair

    Tips for coloring your hair at home

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    You can color your hair at home for a fraction of the cost of professional hair color. To achieve beautiful hair color at home,...
  8. Hair

    Expert tips for beautiful hair highlights

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    As the warmer weather approaches this season, make sure that not only is your style up to par, but your hair color, as well. Try...
  9. Skincare

    Hair removal: The art of threading

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    What's threading? Threading is a hair removal process which involves a cotton thread that is twisted and pulled along areas of...
  10. Skincare

    Hair needs sun protection, too!

    While the lazy days on the beach and relaxing in the sun may feel like paradise to you, your hair may not share your view on the...
  11. Hair

    Summertime haircare tips: Goodbye dry, hello shiny!

    Just as the weather changes from winter to spring, so does your hair. Yuki Sharoni of Yuki Sharoni: Beauty & Lifestyle...
  12. Hair

    How to protect your hair from sun damage: Summer haircare tips

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    When summertime rolls around it is easy to get caught up in the toasty warmth of the sun and forget to adequately protect your hair....
  13. Fashion & Style

    Crimes of fashion committed by moms

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    For moms, it does seem like a cute baby is the ultimate cloaking device. All the attention you once received during your pregnancy...
  14. Beauty

    The pros and cons of hair extensions

    Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and countless others regularly...
  15. Hair

    Four ways to update your hairstyle

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    Ready for a change? Good news! You can refresh your style - and boost your self-esteem - just by visiting the salon. If you've been...
  16. Beauty

    New Instagram account will inspire endless braid hairstyle ideas

    Not just for the schoolyard anymore, braided styles are everywhere these days and a new Instagram shows you all your options.
  17. Hair

    Rita Ora's innovative glitter hairstyle is a nod to the '90s

    No, this is not a '90s flashback — it’s real life. Rita Ora rocked glitter hair gel.