1. Hair tips

    What would happen if you quit shampoo

    Let's take a moment and picture our lives without shampoo: Dun dun dunnnn! Did you just imagine your hair becoming a gigantic,...
  2. Celebrity Hairstyles

    Hair trend: Nicole Richie’s new 'do is to "dye" for

    It’s official, ladies: Purple is in, and not in a “It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter” sort of way. This hot hue is taking...
  3. Hair tips

    How wearing your hair up damages your hair

    Wearing your hair down is amazing... you know, until it gets in your face, in your mouth, tickles the back of your neck and takes a...
  4. Hairstyles

    7 Hairstyles for a fivehead

    If you have a high forehead and you want off the bangs bandwagon... well, you're preaching to the choir, sister. Here are seven...
  5. Hair tips

    How to highlight your hair

    Deciding to exchange a full head of hair color for a new hue is an undertaking — on one's looks, wallet and even wardrobe. Instead...
  6. Hair tips

    Beekeeper reveals why honey is good for your hair

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    Honey is great for energy, stamina and sweetness, but beauty experts now know that it's also a secret to having flawless skin and...
  7. Hair tips

    Ellen raises a great point about the problem with dry shampoo

    In a way that only she can, Ellen brought up many valid-yet-hysterical points about dry shampoo in a recent opening monologue. If...
  8. Makeup & Skin Care

    Product review: Redken Diamond Oil

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    Hair oil is a great way to add shine and reduce frizz, and it even helps protect against damage from hot tools! Redken Diamond Oil...
  9. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    Battle of the dry shampoos

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    Going a day or two between washes used to be taboo, but with the sudden influx of dry shampoos on the market, the trend is becoming...
  10. Hair Care

    What to get your hairstylist

    Your hairstylist gives you a perfect do all year, so what will she most appreciate in return? During the holidays or anytime, the...
  11. Hair tips

    Product review: Centrix Q-Zone blow dryer

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    A blow dryer isn't the most exciting beauty product, but for many women, it's a necessity. But there's one thing every woman can...
  12. Hair Care

    Everyday gifts for the hair obsessed

    We ladies tend to fuss over our hair like birds preening their feathers, but some of us take hair care to new heights. These...
  13. Beauty & Style How-tos

    How to get date-ready in 10 minutes

    Maybe you’re running late from work, spent too much time checking out your date on Google or just got the invite at the last minute...
  14. Beauty & Style How-tos

    5 Different hair styles for the sock bun

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    The sock bun has become the hairstyle of fashion throughout the world, but are you looking to put a different spin on your sock bun?...
  15. Hair tips

    The not-so-secret issues that are aging your hair

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    While long, luscious hair is often viewed as the mark of youth, what is a gal to do when her hair is showing signs of aging?
  16. Hairstyles

    4 Different parts to try this fall

    Your hair can get used to the way it lays and tend to look flat and lifeless. Easy fix: Change your part! By moving your hair from...
  17. Celebrity Hairstyles

    Oprah shows off her "Wild Thang" — a 3.5-pound wig!

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    Let's all follow Oprah's lead and embrace natural hair!
  18. Hair tips

    Hairstyle obsession: Embellished hair ties and headbands

    Are you ready for a change and looking to reinvent your look? Switch up your normal beauty regimen by upgrading your average hair...
  19. Hair tips

    Take your style to the next level with a cashmere blowout

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    A Chicago salon is taking blowouts to the next level with the cashmere blowout. And yes, it involves actual cashmere!
  20. Hair tips

    How to get bangs without making the cut

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    Bangs are a hot hair trend right now... just ask Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama, who both recently got them.