1. Beauty

    How to spike your favorite hair oil for extra oomph

    It was just a few years ago that the beauty industry was adverse to anything oil. After all, it was the pore-clogging, hair-greasing...
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    9 On-demand beauty services that come to your door

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    The boho hair trick that gives new meaning to hair weaves

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    Cute hair accessories for the first day of school

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    Why quitting makeup really is worth trying

    I am the girl who always wears makeup. Always. If I don't, I feel exposed and uncomfortable.
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    Giuliana Rancic dyes her hair platinum: Love it or hate it?

    There's a new blonde in town, and she didn't just lighten up her dark locks — she went platinum.
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    Regular haircuts do not actually make your hair grow faster — here's why

    Sorry, folks. Patience seems to be the only cure for short hair, after all.
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    Easy twist bun hairstyle tutorial

    It's easy to get bored with that same hairstyle. Try this twist bun hairstyle and change the way you and others see your hair.
  9. Hair

    Hair sunscreen: It’s a must and here are 9 products to choose from

    Yes, hair sunscreen is a thing — an uber-important thing. For one, singeing your locks in the sun will eventually make you look like...
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    Braided crown with rolled bun updo

    Looking to take your boring bun to new heights? This braided crown and rolled bun updo goes from day to night.
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    Installing Clip-In Hair Extensions

    Learn the best techniques for installing clip-in hair extensions with this SheKnows beauty how-to video.
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    Watch how to do a waterfall braid

    Waterfall braids are elegant and can totally change your look. Learn how to give yourself a waterfall braid with this SheKnows...
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    Watch how to do a fishtail braid

    Fishtail braids can add a surprising new twist to your hair. Learn how to give yourself a fishtail braid with this SheKnows beauty...
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    VIDEO: Twist on Three Part Braid

    Learn how to make a twist on the three part braid with this SheKnows beauty how-to video.
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    Style your overgrown hairstyle

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    Easy YouTube hairstyles for little girls

    Are your hair stylist skills a little bit lacking? That may seem like a small offense, but if you have little girls, it's probably...
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    New haircuts to freshen your look

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    Style secrets from real moms

    For some ladies, fashion tends to fall to the back burner when they become moms. Not because you don't want to look good — your time...
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    Easy breezy hairstyles for natural beauties

    Ditch your products and styling tools (or at least look like you did) with these natural hairstyles that beg for the warm breezes of...
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    Could scrunchies be making a comeback?

    OK ladies, let’s stop bagging on scrunchies — I mean, what did they ever do to you? They were there for you when you desperately...