guinness recipes

  1. Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

    Guinness brownies with mint whipped cream

    What makes a brownie better? Booze!
  2. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Indulgently cheesy St. Patrick's Day dips

    Dip the night away with this flavorful cheese and Guinness dip and hot Reuben dip. They pair perfectly with homemade rye breadsticks.
  3. Celebrations

    Guinness-spiked St. Patrick's Day menu

    Even though I loved St. Patrick's Day as a kid, being an adult when March 17 rolls around is an entirely different ballgame. Instead...
  4. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Guinness and onion soup

    Onion soup is perfect for a cold winter night. We have taken this classic recipe and given it a little beer twist! Classic Irish...
  5. Drink Recipes

    Guinness ice cream float

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    It's ice cream time! This time the dessert is for the adults! Creamy Guinness is poured over vanilla ice cream for the perfect...