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    PHOTOS: Grimm 's evil Santa wishes you a scary Christmas

    If you're looking for visions of sugar plums this holiday season, you won't find them on NBC's Grimm . We've got photos of an evil...
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    Top 10 reasons fairy tale shows are here to stay

    Move over comedy, the fairy tale shows are taking the TV scene this season one brilliant rating at a time.
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    SPOILERS: Nick's a wild zombie in Grimm Season 3

    Grimm Season 3 is shaping up to be a tighter, more character-driven story than previous seasons — and what we've seen so far...
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    Bitsie Tulloch talks Grimm season finale and what's to come

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    With the Season 2 finale of Grimm looming, we caught up with Bitsie Tulloch and got the inside scoop on what's ahead for Juliette...
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    NBC renews Revolution , Parenthood and more

    NBC renews their five biggest dramas — fans rejoice.
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    Sneak peek: Grimm 's Halloween special

    Murder, Blutbads and ghosts! Oh my! If you thought Grimm was creepy before, just wait for the Halloween episode!
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    Second season of Grimm as dark and magical as the first

    Grimm isn't your ordinary police drama. It's got a unique, dark fantasy twist where characters inspired by the Grimms' fairy tales...
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    NBC wants more Grimm goodness

    Grimm 's still got it. NBC has renewed the fantasy drama for a second season. The series, which airs every Friday, is arguably the...