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    Green eyes style guide

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    The best looks and styles for green eyes. A guide to help you find everything from the best makeup colors to the best hair colors...
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    Best blush for green eyes

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    Green eyes are something to envy. They're among the rarest of eye colors and truly set a lady apart from the crowd. Finding the...
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    Best hair colors for green eyes

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    Gorgeous green eyes give you stunning options for a flattering hair color. You can be the sultry brunette, the bold woman with...
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    Best clothing colors for green eyes

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    Make your green eyes sparkle with smart choices in clothing colors. Check out our tips for the most flattering clothing colors for...
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    Best lipstick colors for green eyes

    Lots of women are confused about selecting a perfect lipstick color. You can take cues from your hair color and skin tone, but don’t...
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    Best eye shadow colors for green eyes

    Choosing shadow colors for green eyes can be a bit tricky, but follow these tips and you'll be ready for a night on the town.
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    Makeup tips for your eye color, hair color and face shape

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    There are so many makeup tips floating around in the beauty blogosphere that it can be difficult to decipher which tips are best for...
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    Makeup tips for green eyes

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    When picking your makeup colors, consider your skin tone as well as your eye color. If you have green eyes, try these makeup tips to...