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    INTERVIEW: Is Gossip Girl 's Ed Westwick returning to TV?

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    We all remember Ed Westwick's portrayal of bad boy Chuck Bass. Now the sexy Brit is on the big screen, playing Romeo's rival Tybalt...
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    Leighton Meester may face The Judge

    We loved to hate her as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl and now she's embarking on yet another on-screen venture.
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    Kristen Bell's best: Why we're stoked to see Veronica Mars

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    With over 20,000 fans having already donated their hard-earned dollars to the tune of nearly $2 million, the dream of a Veronica...
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    Willow 's 25th anniversary: Where are they now?

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    Hot off the heels of his success as Iceman in 1986’s Top Gun, Val Kilmer landed his next iconic role two years later in a little...
  5. Television

    Private Practice and other finales we cried over

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    With 30 Rock 's swan song set to air tomorrow night, we can't help but feel emotional about some of the great shows we've had to...
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    Top TV fashion icons of all time

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    Everyone has that favorite TV character, the one who’s outfits they turn to when they need some styling inspiration. But with so...
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    Gossip Girl recap: Spoiler alert! We know her identity

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    And who is Gossip Girl? That's the secret we find out on the series finale.
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    Our best guesses for Gossip Girl

    Everyone has their theories as to the true identity of the Upper East Side's serial tongue-flapper, Gossip Girl. We thought it was...
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    Gossip Girl 's words of wisdom

    Over the years, Gossip Girl has delighted us with pithy wisdom and juicy info. We spent the weekend watching Gossip Girl on DVD,...
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    Gossip Girl recap: Chuck fulfills his destiny

    Gossip Girl delivers a memorable scene that draws upon a classic Hollywood film for inspiration.
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    Great lines from Gossip Girl

    For the last six seasons, Gossip Girl has been home to some of the smartest, wittiest dialogue on television. In a little more...
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    How many deaths has Gossip Girl witnessed?

    In light of the possible impending doom of one of Gossip Girl 's key players, we thought we'd take a look back at other notable...
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    Terrifying Gossip Girl sneak peek!

    Can you get PTSD from a Gossip Girl promo?
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    Gossip Girl tied up in knots

    Break out the grade book. It's time to rank our favorite Upper East Siders' performances on Gossip Girl's always eventful...
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    Thanksgiving with Gossip Girl

    My, my, my how things have (sort of) changed! Do you remember our very first Thanksgiving with Gossip Girl ? We do! In 2007, we had...
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    Gossip Girl leaves us gagging

    Gossip Girl shows no shame as it plows toward the series finale.
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    Gossip Girl Preview: Ready for some reconciliation?

    If you're a little worked up about the impending series finale, we understand. Prepare to get even more stressed out with this new...
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    Gossip Girl comes back to life

    Gossip Girl recaptures its essence by merging its past with its present.
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    Michael Lohan's love child: Who else is Lindsay's half-sib?

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    If you shuddered at the thought of Kate Major harboring a Michael Lohan love child, then you may not want to watch the TMZ clip in...
  20. Television

    Another episode, another set-up for the Gossip Girl finale

    The Gossip Girl series finale continues to draw near and the episodes continue to drag as the writers try to wrap everything up into...