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    First and Last Frost Dates

    Knowing when to expect frost is a huge factor in figuring out what to plant and when to plant it. Use this frost chart as a...
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    A tuber is a plant structure that stores energy and nutrients. Although they generally grow underground, they aren't exactly...
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    Soil Types

    Soil is an amazing natural resource, providing everything plants need to grow and prosper. All soils contain some level of air,...
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    Soil Inoculants

    Legumes are well-known for fixing nitrogen in the soil, but what most people don't know is that they need a little help to create...
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    Growing Cucumbers

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    Cucumbers add a fresh garden flavor to salads and slaws and are used in a number of beauty products and treatments. There are a...
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    Growing Turnips

    Okay, you're thinking turnips , and you're thinking bland. You may be surprised to know that new turnip varieties are packed with...
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    Growing Parsley

    Parsley is one of the most common herbs grown in herb gardens. Its leaves can be used as a flavoring or as a garnish, and it's...
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    Growing Cilantro (Coriander)

    Native to the Mediterranean, cilantro (or coriander) is a necessary flavor for a variety of ethnic cuisines. Although it looks...
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    Growing Broccoli

    Broccoli is delicious raw or cooked, and with its cancer-preventative properties, it's hard to find a good reason to ignore this...
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    Growing Brussels Sprouts

    Brussels sprouts can really divide a crowd. They're the type of veggie you don't just sort of like--you either love them or hate...
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    Growing Asparagus

    Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables, but only when it's fresh--I try not to deal with the canned stuff if I can help it...
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    Growing Leeks

    Leeks are a cold weather vegetable that you don't hear about every day. This cousin to onions has a mild flavor that is perfect...
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    Growing Potatoes

    Potatoes have an ancient history. These plants, native to Peru, were brought to Europe in the 1500s by Spanish Conquistadors.
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    Growing Strawberries

    Strawberries are sweet, tart and match with just about any dessert you can think of.  A fruit for lovers, the sensual strawberry...
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    Germinating Seeds

    Germination is the process where a seed opens to allow the plant inside to come out and grow. While seeds don't look too...
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    Growing Sunflowers

    Sunflowers are a beautiful and majestic addition to vegetable or flower gardens. These towering golden flowers create an...
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    Growing Spinach

    Dark green, leafy spinach is one of the garden's healthiest vegetables. Raw spinach contains over 80 nutrients, including iron,...
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    Growing Garlic

    Did you know that every garlic bulb you buy could turn into a dozen bulbs of garlic? Talk about a return on investment!
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    Growing Peas

    Peas are an interesting and welcome addition to any home garden. Peas, like beans, draw nitrogen into the soil, so they are a...
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    Growing Artichokes

    Artichokes are just unusual enough that you may not have thought about planting them in your home garden.