1. Celebrity Relationships

    Man Candy Mondays: Dean Geyer

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    See, Dean Geyer is just unfair competition for any guy out there hoping to win a woman's heart. He's smoking hot, he's a singing,...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Glee 's Darren Criss sings for charity

    Darren Criss is best known for his character on Glee , but deep down, he is just a singer-songwriter. He made a point to make it to...
  3. Television

    Glee recap: "Glee Actually" made sense

    Last night, Glee's Season 4, Episode 10 featured several storylines that all intersected, making for an interesting turn of events.
  4. Television

    Glee recap: "Swan Song" takes a swan dive

    Titled "Swan Song," and ironically so, this episode seems more like a fresh start than a final exit.
  5. Television

    Glee 's hottest scandal of 2012: Uncovered?

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    A chance SheKnows encounter may have revealed a possible on-screen romance that has found its way into off-screen territory. What...
  6. Television

    Glee recap: There's a catfight, and someone dies?

    In a faint — or feigned — attempt at winning Sectionals, New Directions faces implosion, while New York seems to be beaming with...
  7. Television

    Glee recap: Season 4, Episode 7

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    When McKinley begins to unravel, the latest batch of superheroes take over to save the day! Which Glee superhero was your favorite?
  8. Television

    Sneak peek: Glee "in the key of danger!"

    Now that Glease is officially over, what will the New Directioners focus on? Oh, don't you worry. There's always something causing a...
  9. Entertainment

    Best entertainment gifts for the season

    Sometimes the hardest gifts to buy are those for the entertainment junkie. Sure, there’s the typical DVD boxed set or popular CD,...
  10. Television

    Glee recap: Season 4, Episode 6

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    Reunions + Bulimia + Sexuality + Equality + Backstabbing + Heartbreak = All leading to a... romantic musical?
  11. Television

    Glee recap: Oh. My. Glease

    The most anticipated event of the season is finally here, as Glee returns from a monthlong hiatus.
  12. Television

    An interview with the classy Dianna Agron

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    When you were 26, could you say you were on a hit series, doing commercials for gaming legend Nintendo and starring in a movie with...
  13. Television

    Ryan Murphy talks about the end of Glee

    Many questioned how the show would go on with so many characters graduating. But they have made it work, and Ryan Murphy opens up...
  14. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Lea Michele pregnant? 'I've finally made it!'

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    Glee star Lea Michele was spotted over the weekend with that telltale bump under her baggy shirt. Will she be a mom soon? Not so fast.
  15. Television

    GLAAD study finds rise in gay and lesbian characters on TV

    The organization has studied both network and cable TV shows and has found that the number of LGBT characters is rising. But they...
  16. Music

    Glee takes on Danny and Sandy

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    It was inevitable that the cast of Glee would cover the songs from Grease, so it was surprising to see that it took four seasons to...
  17. Television

    Glee recap: New York means new changes

    Seems like cake is on the menu, because everyone wants his or hers -- and to be able to eat it, too.
  18. Television

    Glee returns with a breakup

    The show promises a breakup but does not say who it might be. And creator Ryan Murphy is showing us that there is life beyond high...
  19. Television

    Glee recap: High fashion and high drama

    STOP reading, DROP everything, 'cause I almost ROLLed over.